What to Consider When Hiring a Dog Sitter

Pet sitting is not very common but it should be considering most people have pets, today. You have to be careful when choosing since anyone can pretend to be a professional dog sitter. You have to find someone whom you can entrust the well-being of your dog. Just like the way you would carefully choose a babysitter, a dog sitter is not an expectation. In case you are asking, what you need to consider when hiring a dog sitter, read below to understand more.

1) Qualifications

When searching for a company that offers dog sitter service, check at their skills. Ensure that your dog sitter has relevant certificates. They include Certified Kennel Operation (CKO), also must have CPCT (Certified pet care technician). You must also ensure that a recognized national organization certifies him. The aim is to ensure that your dog sitter is professional and you will get the value for your money.

2) Mission Values and Ethics

Please do not rush to choose a company before checking their values and ethics. Do not hesitate to know their mission and vision either. Thanks to technology, that you can check their website from the comfort of your sit. You can compare their beliefs with their actual performance.

3) References

Ask the dog sitter to provide recommendations from his past customer. The customers can easily give you reliable information about how well the dog sitter can handle the pet. If you get negative feedback, continue searching for the right one.

4) Their Background Information

Apart from the references they provide, do a personal search to get background information about them. When someone is searching for a job, he or she might promise you heaven. Once you hire them, they deliver hell. To avoid all the frustrations, check the internet. Ask questions if you have to. You should also check the reviews. This person will have access to your home. You do not want surprises soon.

5) Knowledgebase

How well does that company understand about dogs behaviors? In case the dog gets hurt, do they know how to do first aid? Do not entrust your dog to people who do not know about dog nutrition and emergency procedures. The best way to know about your dog sitter understanding is by asking all relevant questions. Check his confidence level when asking the questions. If the dog sitter admits that he does not know, find someone else.

6) Service and Fees

You cannot ignore the issue of the service and the cost. Check if the dog sitter will provide the services of grooming and walking the pet at a certain fee. If you are not in, is he willing to stay overnight? In case of accidents, is she ready to clean? In case of an emergency, is your dog sitter willing to take it to the vet immediately?

You can ask him if he will be willing to remove your garbage, in case you are far. You might intend to come back on a particular day then something comes up, and you delay. You should consider if the dog sitter is okay staying with your dog until your return.

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