What to Do When Getting a New Home

What to Do When Getting a New Home

Are you planning on moving into a new home? Just thinking about this daunting task giving you a headache?

Don’t worry; this can also be an exciting time in your life! You’re embarking on a new journey!

While there are lots of things to do and get in order before shifting into your new abode, with this article, you’ll be ready to relax, celebrate your new house, and pop open that bottle of bubbly you’ve been saving!

Walkthrough Your New House

There is no better moment to undertake a comprehensive walkthrough than when your new house is empty. Take a look around before getting unpacked and setting up the furniture (and, if feasible, before unloading all your belongings). You’ll want to double-check the following, among other things:

  • The prior owner completed all requested and agreed-upon repairs
  • The house has everything that was supposed to be included in the transaction
  • Everything, including outlets, switches, and fixtures, is in working order

This will help you plan out what you envision for your home. Visualizing what you want before it gets cluttered can aid you in setting up your new life.

Don’t Forget to Hire a Moving Company

This one may seem like a no-brainer. But you may be surprised at how easily people forget about this or put this off until closer to the moving date. Leaving it to the last minute is usually not the more intelligent thing as moving companies can get booked out, especially during the holidays or ‘moving’ season.

Hiring a moving company like Zoom Removals will ensure that all your property is delivered in a secure and timely manner. There’s nothing worse than not having your belonging with you when you move house. This will guarantee that all your items and furniture are secured and delivered in a timely manner.

Transfer Your Bills

This is an important one. You need to set up your physical utilities before moving into your new house and settling in, such as water, electricity, gas, and the ever so crucial internet.

Depending on where your new home is located, you may or may not have a say in which energy provider you use. Changing your provider may even help you save! Physical utility companies are usually prompt in activating services. The sooner you let them know about your move-in date, the better. Best avoid any hiccups while you change locations.

Change Those Locks

Changing the locks in your new home is always a good idea. Even if the former owner is trusted and isn’t a worry, you never know who might have a set of keys to the house. It’s one of those situations when it’s better to be cautious than sorry.

This also goes for any windows that have keys. A small expense for a good night’s sleep.

Pet/Child Proof (If Necessary)

If you’re moving into a new home with your young children (or even simply furry four-legged friend), one of the first things you’ll want to do is conduct some preliminary childproofing to keep everyone safe until you can complete your entire setup. This also goes for your unpacking; keep those box-cutters, scissors, glassware, and cleaning solutions out of reach.

Make the Most of It

You’re starting a new chapter of your life. It will seem like a formidable task, but you can also make it an enjoyable one.

Don’t forget to change your locks, transfer your bills and book a moving company to make your move smoother. With all the packing and running around you will have to do, completing these simple steps will make your move easier.

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