What to Do When Your Monstera Plant’s Stems Snap Off?

What to Do When Your Monstera Plant's Stems Snap Off?

Monstera stems snap off easily, so it’s no surprise if you have a few broken stems. After all, this plant is very popular thanks to the perforated leaves of its cultivars. But what do you do when a Monstera plant’s stem snaps off?

While plant stems can sometimes snap off, here are some reasons why your plant stems are snapping off more than usual.

What are the Reasons for Snapping Off?

Stem snapping off is very common for the Monstera plant. Most likely, the snapping stems are due to mishandling of the plant’s environment or maintenance. It does not mean that you did something wrong, though. It could be any of the following.

  • The soil around Monstera has been kept too wet.
  • The air around the plant is too dry.
  • The place where you keep Monstera is exposed to cold weather.
  • The air in your home is too humid.

Whatever the reason, when the soil this plant grows becomes saturated, its stems can easily break off. You can test Monstera stem snapping by lifting one of its leaves – if it stays up, then the soil is still too wet. However, if it falls, the soil is already of the right consistency to stay healthy.

Similarly, Monstera plants can easily be damaged by air that is too dry or humid. As such, ensure that you regularly change its potting mix so as not to let it stay in one that is either too dry or wet, which can cause Monstera stems to break.

Another common reason for Monstera stems snapping is exposure to a cold environment.

What to Do if the Stems Snap Off?

Monstera stems that snap off near their base may not cause any major problems. If the stem snaps off, on the other hand, between its leaves and roots, then you should contact a local tropical plant specialist for advice.

Alternatively, or additionally, follow these steps.

  1. Place the Monstera in an area of your home where it can receive sufficient light.
  2. Water it regularly, but do not soak the soil just yet. To ensure that it is still damp, you should wait for at least three days after watering your plant before checking if its stems are still snapped off.
  3. Stop watering it once you determine that the soil is saturated; this will allow moisture to return to the roots.
  4. Once the stems have grown back, trim them so that they are about one-fourth inches from the soil’s surface.

Additional Tips for Care of Monstera

For Monstera to grow well, observe these tips.

  1. Plant it in a potting mix with a substrate at least six inches deep, allowing the roots to find their source of nutrients. Also, plant it in a pot that is large enough for the plant’s full development.
  2. Place Monstera in an area wherein its stems are exposed to bright light but not direct sunlight–this ensures that they grow back quicker and better.
  3. Water it regularly, but not so frequently that its roots are exposed to standing water.

Best practices for Monstera also include pruning by way of removing weak or dying leaves and branches. You should also provide a balanced fertilizer once a month to ensure that the plant retains a healthy green color.

Plant stems can sometimes snap off without any reason, so keep a lookout for a while before you take action. It will not only allow the stems to grow quickly but will also keep Monstera healthy.

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