What to Expect from a Modern Kitchen in 2019

We are all set to modernize our houses, matching them up to the trends of the upcoming fashion. In this process, the most easily forgettable space of the house is the kitchen. Kitchen is the heart of the house. So, if you truly wish to be the happy and proud owner of a modern house, pay special attention to your kitchen this year. Even homemakers suggest that to re-invent your house start with the kitchen.

Top kitchen trends to look out for

What everyone has been guessing over for kitchen trends is will the cabinets be still there? There are many other speculations, so to ensure whether your arrow has hit the right spot or not go through the modern kitchen designs of 2019.


  • Concealed Kitchen Storage

One thing that will surely leave a bad impression about your kitchen is the poor placement of utensils and groceries. If you ever ask yourself- what is the toughest part of handling the kitchen? It’s not cooking. Rather it is arranging all the kitchen articles in place. So, if you think you have a similar story, give a thought to concealed kitchens. They will give you clever storage options integrated with modern kitchen design. As the name suggests, they have hidden spaces or cabinets to arrange your kitchen stuff. They will help you to keep your kitchen organized along with the assurance to get a clean look.

  • Pewter Hardware

The good is that the pewter hardware is back in trend. So, if you are bored or tired or think that gunmetal and pewter are out of trend, you should think again. On the other hand, if you are planning to get some of your kitchen hardware like taps, cabinet handles, etc. changed you can opt for pewter. The main reason for the pewter hardware to be back in trend is that they are available in various finishes. This gives you a variety of finishes to choose from according to your kitchen type. You can select golden polishing for the hardware to get a vintage vibe. Although pewter hardware has many advantages, it should not be used for counter tops because being a soft metal it shows scratches and dents easily. Instead, marble tops go well with pewter and gunmetal kitchen hardware.

  • Colorful upholstery

In the year 2019, the housemakers have given an all-white kitchen a big NO NO! Colorful upholstery is conquering the kitchen. The bright, eye-popping colors will make the kitchen an integrated part of the house instead of having a monotonous white look. To set the mood right opt for bright colors for the cabinets as well. Colors exude luxury and darker hues do not show dirt and damage easily. Hence look for upholstery that blends well with your surroundings.

  • Natural wooden texture

Nature is always soothing. Building a wooden texture based kitchen will be a versatile and never fading option. Incorporating wood in your house gives it a spacious and heartwarming look. A contrasting texture on the walls and sleek finished hardware will add to the beauty of your natural kitchen. This kitchen type always stays between classic and modern.

  • Digital technology

Technology has already conquered our houses and now its time to welcome it in your kitchens. A digital kitchen is a dream for many and surprisingly this dream has become the trend for 2019. Get the pleasure of technological innovations in your kitchens with smart appliances. These appliances can be Wi-fi enabled or simply connected via Bluetooth.

  • Matte black interiors

Matte black dominates the heart of many. Now, this universally loved color has won over the kitchens. Matte black suits every detail of your kitchen- from the fixtures to hardware, it suits all.


Homemakers say that natural wood, plastered walls, and marble have made a comeback. To add to the fun, the cabinets have almost vanished. They have been replaced by storage walls which are better at utilizing your precious kitchen space. Also, this year focus on virtually disappearing your kitchen hardware. This makes your kitchen modern as well as spacious.

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