What to Know Before Owning a Bulldog

What to Know Before Owning a Bulldog

If you’re considering owning a bulldog, whether it’s through buying a new puppy or adopting an older dog in need of a home, then you’re in for an amazing experience with a new best friend. However, bulldogs do require some specific care that you might not be used to as a new bulldog owner, including increased veterinary treatment and precise exercise plans.

It can also be difficult to choose the correct type of bulldog to make sure that the breed you go for fits around your lifestyle in order to provide the best care. Therefore, in this article we’ll break down what you need to know before owning one of these fantastic dogs, so you can work out if owning a bulldog is right for you, before taking the next steps.

Best Type of Kennel For Bulldogs

A double door dog kennel is the best option for these dogs since they love being outside! They also require more space than other dogs because they tend to get overheated quickly when indoors during the summer months or in small spaces like apartments or condos. You should always make sure that any type of kennel has adequate ventilation so that your bulldog doesn’t overheat or get sick from being trapped in one place for too long without enough room to move around freely.

How to Choose the Right Type of Bulldog

Bulldogs are a caring and loyal dog breed that can bring you years of enjoyment and companionship. However, there are two different types of bulldogs that have different characteristics and needs, so it’s important that you choose the right kind of bulldog when you are looking for your new best friend.

The first is the English Bulldog, which descends fully from the old British bulldog, and the other is the French bulldog. These smaller dogs are the result of breeding mini-British bulldogs with terriers and pugs. This gives ‘Frenchies’ their distinctive look that draws from both of these smaller breeds and the larger English bulldogs that we are familiar with.

Choosing the right type of bulldog can be tricky, so it’s worth consulting Native Pet’s guide on the French bulldog vs English bulldog debate if things are still unclear. Native Pet offers a host of useful information about pet health, as well as products that will keep your dog in tip-top shape like probiotic powder or relief chews. This is a great starting point when deciding between French bulldog vs English bulldog, as well as a great place to keep your new furry friend happy and healthy!

What Do Bulldogs Need?

Before getting your new bulldog, it’s important to make sure you can meet their needs, and this may influence the type of bulldog you go for. While these breeds are trainable, the stubborn streak in both English and French bulldogs means you’ll need to have time and patience throughout your dog training program.

Socialization around other dogs, people and situations at an early age is crucial for bulldogs, so if you’re getting a puppy make sure you have the ability to take them regularly to meet new friends and learn in different situations. French bulldogs in particular are also more likely to suffer from separation anxiety when away from you, and therefore may only be more suitable for you if you work from home or have a dog-sitter available often.

Although bulldogs do need to avoid strenuous exercise or walks in hot weather, it’s still very important that they go for regular gentle exercise to reduce their risk of obesity which is especially common in the English bulldog. Due to risk of infection or sores that can arise in a bulldog’s skin folds, cleansing wipes can also come in handy as part of your daily care routine, as can Vaseline or another type of moisturizing cream which can help to improve their skin health around their face and nose, so it’s worth adding these to your bulldog-owner checklist.

Vet Bills for Bulldogs

Due to some of their breed characteristics, bulldogs may require more trips to the vets than other dogs, either for regular check-ups or for treatment of certain conditions. Both English and French bulldogs are flat faced (or brachycephalic) breeds, which means they can have trouble breathing. This condition also means that they’ll need to stay cool indoors during the summer and kept away from water like swimming pools or lakes.

Bulldogs can also have skin problems that usually arise from allergens that get stuck in the folds of their skin, so they might need additional supplements in their diet such as a fish oil supplement for dogs. Further possible medical conditions that can arise in bulldogs include hip dysplasia and cherry eye. The extensive medical concerns for this breed can lead to increased vet bills, so it’s very important to make sure that you have finances and pet insurance that can support these eventualities if they crop up.

Owning a bulldog will be the start of years of enjoyment if you follow these tips and make sure you’re prepared for the specific requirements of this breed. By making the right choice between an English and French bulldog, researching their different character traits, and planning ahead for any possible vet bills that might arise, you can ensure that you can give your new best friend the best life possible.

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