What To Look For When Buying A Zero Turn Mower For Senior Citizens

People and their fascination with having a small portion of yards devoted to a lush green carpet of grass are worth every penny. But to keep that worth mowing the lawn is very important. As simple as it sounds, lawn mowing can be very challenging for the old generation. Injuries on the hands or feet have been a common sight due to lawn mowing. But even this problem has a solution.  A zero turn mower for senior citizens can be a great asset when it comes to mowing lawns quickly and safely

What To Look For When Buying A Zero Turn Mower For Senior Citizens

If you think why zero-turn radius mowers are talked about this much – they reduce the time and effort required in cutting grass, and using them in a gigantic yard, pays off more often than not. This is why lawn-care guys pull off so much work in just a single day, only by having zero turn radius mowers in their arsenal.

Zero-turn mowers have taken the prowess of cutting off tight contours, visibility, and swift cuts to a whole new level. They’re making hand trimming and push mowers to look like a joke, and you can actually spend more time enjoying the lawn and maintaining it if you make the right decision beforehand.

Deck Construction

Generally, commercial zero-turn mowers feature decks made of largely welded heavy-gauge steel, while their residential counterparts feature decks made from pressed lighter-gauge steel. Homeowners will edge towards the stamped decks, but for assets with rough terrain, professional mowers might be the better option if durability is a key factor in the purchase. It’s necessary to look for a few other things as well before making the purchase, for example, the number of gauge wheels, if they can be adjusted to convenient cutting heights or if there are small wheels on the mower to raise the deck while working on uneven terrain – all of which are for better maintenance of the lawn.


These days choosing the right mower is a necessity. High durability is one of the key features of zero-turn mowers. To be sure about the durability, the overall sturdiness of both the frame and deck construction needs to be tested properly. Also, the constancy of the steel frame structure, the engine sound, rears, and the gauge of steel can give you a fair idea of the overall durability.

Engine Design

Zero-turn lawn mowers are technologically advanced. It is formed with a single-cylinder engine with time-efficient and run smooth features. Commercial grade zero turn radius mowers are equipped with twin-cylinder OHV engines, which are comparatively more powerful.

Wide Tires

Lifting zero-turn mowers are quite easy because its wide tires distribute the overall weight of the machine on a large scale. This results in improved traction on the grass and commends the physical act of mowing.

Easy to Adjust Cutting Height

While choosing any mower, making easy and swift adjustments to the cutting height is a feature not to be neglected. Hand levers are useful in swiftly raising the decks temporarily, but if you’re looking for that surplus leverage, a foot assist is what you need!


Comfort is the best feature a zero-turn mower can offer. Getting the chance to lean back against the seat is much easier than leaning over a steering wheel.   Comfort is key, and the back support is also important. Also, reaching the control panel is easier in a zero-turn mower. The feature of sitting down while completing yard activities as it offers comfort, convenience, and safety, making this type of mower for senior citizens.

User Friendliness

Zero-turn mowers provide that edge of user satisfaction by containing the mode settings that blend in with the preferences senior citizens seek. Slow or smooth or even a fast experience, whatever seniors require, zero-turn mowers offer. Having control over adjusting the speed is also very important to match your level of comfort and zero turn mowers provide you that.

On the other hand, for middle-aged adults who need a perfect combination of balance, strength, and coordination of other attributes, go for stand-on or walk-behind mowers.

Dependable Service

A zero-turn mower not only gives you results, it also is easy to fix. It is easy to push, turn, maneuver, and get the servicing done from most of the machine stores out there.

Cord or Cordless

While selecting an electric lawn mower for the older ones of your family, take a wise decision: Cordless mowers need to be charged frequently, while cords are long enough to cause an unwanted accident.


Seniors have less endurance when it comes to loud noises. So, a quieter one would be more preferable as a mower for senior citizens. This is when zero-turn mowers come in handy as it contains noise control materials and also has fewer vibrations compared to other electric mowers on the market. Also, at that age, going deaf is a concern, so they should have a mower that can prevent them from hearing loss. You could also consider these reviews of the quietest lawn mower options if you decide not to go for a zero-turn mower.


Financing zero mowers is an important feature to consider. Zero-turn mowers are usually priced in the range of around $2,500 to $6,000. Some commercial ones are even pricier! You’ll find some less expensive zero-turn mowers around the lower end of the aforesaid price, but then again, the ones at the higher price bar generally offer more eye-catchy characteristics and increased durability.

There’s a catch, though. When your yard slopes downwards, zero-turn mowers are a big no if you want to avoid injuries. Check your mowing equipment out regularly, lubricate all the important parts and replace them (not repair!) if they’re too damaged to work. Make sure to follow the schedule mentioned in the manual to avoid any sort of accidents and mishaps and rather maximize the efficiency your equipment promises.

Lawnmowers are dangerous machines that can lead to serious injuries. Avoiding stand on or walk-behind mowers should be done by senior citizens. Instead of the typical mowers with slip and fall risk, zero-turn mowers can be used for a smooth experience. Its self-propelled features get to the optimum level.

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