What to Look for When Hiring Maid Services in Charlotte NC

Do you ever get the time to give your house a proper cleaning? Or are you reduced to merely running the vacuum over the carpets once in a while? It can be difficult with the  busy working lives that we live these days, so you may want to consider maid services. Or, you could be looking for a cleaning service for your office, to save money on hiring an in-house cleaning team. The problem is finding the right one, so we’ve put together a list of things to look for when you are looking for cleaning services in Charlotte.


The first thing you need to consider is whether you can trust the Charlotte Maid Services you choose to use. Look for an outfit that has a properly laid-out website, actual customer testimonies, and that offers an insurance package as part of the deal. Also, make sure the maids and cleaners provided are fully trained and have been through background checks, as you are letting someone into your home or workplace who may be largely unsupervised.


If you are hiring a home cleaning team you want them to be able to attend your premises preferably when there is nobody at home. You may want a regular cleaning schedule, or you might just need a one-off cleaning perhaps after a party or once building work has finished. This should be no problem for a reliable and reputable cleaning service offering its services in and around Charlotte.

Out of Hours

For commercial premises, the best way to get the cleaning done is to have a team attend out of hours. Evenings and weekends make the best time to get the essential work done, so make sure the cleaning company you choose is able to offer this option. You will be able to arrange a regular schedule for the cleaners to attend, and also settle on a package that suits your premises and your budget.

Organic Materials

The days are gone when cleaning companies used chemical compounds to do the job, leaving behind sharp and unpleasant smells from potentially harmful substances. Look for a cleaning company such as The Organic Maids who provide cleaning services in and around Charlotte for many satisfied clients, and who use only organic and environmentally-friendly products for the purpose. You’ll find they are happy to tell you what they use, so feel free to ask.

Varied Packages

You might want a simple cleaning on a regular basis in your home, and then every now and then, have a proper full cleaning that gets to the bits that are missed on other occasions. A good maid services provider will be able to offer you a wide range of packages and options, and tailor their service to fit both your requirements and your budget. Your maid services can even include additions such as washing and putting away dishes, folding the laundry, and other detail touches that you might want to be get done. Talk to them about what is included as standard, and what might be added to your package.


Of course, budget is going to be an important influence on the choice of Charlotte maid service that you opt for, but a few words to the wise: don’t simply opt for the cheapest quote. Talk to a few service providers, have them give you their best prices for the package you need, and then talk to them all again. Once you find a deal that suits you in every way, you’re ready to enjoy a lovely clean house at a great price, and with no effort wasted on your part.

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