What To Put In Hampers For New Born Babies

What To Put In Hampers For New Born Babies

A baby is a blessing; hence it is nice if you shower them with beautiful things. A baby hamper can definitely give your newborn baby a nice welcome. You might be thinking, there are just so many baby hampers available in the market. They are packed and chosen according to what the seller thinks a baby needs. But actually, you can create your own hamper, and buy what’s in it, piece by piece.

If you are clueless on where to start and what to pack on your baby hamper, you can start with the following stuff:

Bath needs

Bath needs are very important, shampoo, soap, powder, towel, etc. Giving your baby a good bath is indeed a great idea. When choosing baby bath needs, you have to make sure that the formula used for the shampoo and soap is gentle enough for the baby’s ultra-sensitive skin.

There are bath brands especially made for babies, and this you have to consider when shopping for your baby’s bath needs. Those that are being used by adults should not be in any way considered for your baby. The skin of babies is very gentle, hence you have to make sure that the formula won’t harm them at all.


Wipes are also essential and something you have to bring anywhere you go. Same as with the bath needs, the wipes should be recommended for babies. You would not want to use the wipes that you use for your baby, as that will just give their gentle skin with rashes and allergies.

When rashes come out any time while using the wipes, even if it is meant for babies, do not hesitate to stop using them. You would never want to make the situation grave as if you do, it may bring pain and major discomfort for your babies.


Clothes can also be added to your baby’s hamper. When choosing clothes, make sure that the materials used are comfortable to the skin and the size is more than enough for your baby to move.

But of course, even if you want to achieve comfort, you would still want your baby to enjoy the stylish look. You may also want to choose the color and design best to state the gender of your baby.

There are many baby clothes available online, and choosing from the wide variety of options would be very exciting for the parents.


Do not forget to pack toys on the baby hamper, rattles most especially can put your baby at ease. There are many toys available for babies, and making sure you have a few reserved especially when traveling is a good idea.

Toys have tags, so you know the right age to use them for. You would not want to buy toys that are intended for older kids as it is tagged to that age for safety precautions.

Baby bottles

And yes, baby bottles are very important for babies, hence even how many baby bottles you put on the hamper, it is okay. Expect to receive a lot of baby bottles from your friends and relatives, as this is actually the easiest you can think of if you are thinking of a gift for babies. These baby bottles come in different sizes and make, you can choose any as long as you know that it is the most suitable for your baby’s use. You may want to include some dishes for when the baby is introduced to food, too.

The baby hamper should be completed right before giving birth so you are all ready when the baby comes out.

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