What Your Bathroom Says About You

The innermost private parts of your house do reveal a lot about who you are as a person that people who do not know you very well would never know. Whilst kitchens are usually considered to be the centre of any house, this could also be said to be true of the bathroom. It is that space where we are most likely to let our public persona slip and really goes back to basics. After all, it is where you let it all hang out (literally) and get intimate with yourself.

What Your Bathroom Says About You

It is the place you spend your time preparing yourself and your appearance for going out into the world and so what this looks like actually reveals a lot about yourself. We have listed some of the most common types of bathrooms below so that you can get a good understanding of what exactly your bathroom says about you.

All White

This is a common colour that appears in many different types and styles of bathrooms. By making this space either completely white or mostly white, it makes you feel fresh and clean, and actually provides a sense of calm like no other colour can.

Having a bathroom like this suggests that you are very attentive about being clean and organised in all aspects of your day to day life. You are not prone to behaviours that are seen as impulsive and instead, you prefer to adopt a much more pragmatic approach to life.

Colour Everywhere

Your mood is directly impacted by the colour(s) of the surroundings that you find yourself in. Having some vibrant colours in your bathroom can really work to perk you up, especially going through your monotonous morning routine in there.

Those people who have a purple bathroom are typically very intense, intuitive, and highly imaginative. In addition to this, they also like to be appreciated by the individuals that they are. They are free spirits, who although may seem introverted, are actually away with their deep thoughts. A beautiful purple shower wall panel is available at Victoria Plum.


There has never been a greater demand for greenery in our bathrooms and homes in general. This is evident by the fact that in 2017, Greenery was chosen by Pantone as the colour of the year. Recreate your very own jungle or rainforest experience in your bathroom and reap the benefits that being close to nature every day brings to you.

Adding some house plants to the space is a quick and easy way of adding some much-needed greenery. Having a bathroom like this will lead to developing a real love of plants and you will feed off of the positive energy that they bring.

Spa Bliss

Recreating the feeling of a beautifully blissful spa that you have visited, either on holiday or locally will bring some zen into your life. People with this type of bathroom are usually practical and composed, shying away from any sort of attention. They are also committed and very loyal people.

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