What’s the Appeal of Living in a Golf Community?

What’s the Appeal of Living in a Golf Community?

Golf course communities aren’t the first place you might think of as a cool place for people between 30 to 40 years old, but you’d be surprised! HomeLight’s End of the Year Report for 2021 reveals that golf community popularity has increased by 20% in 2020 and real estate agents in Orlando, Florida predict that their popularity will continue to grow in 2022.

So what’s the appeal of a golf community? Are these communities gaining popularity because they’re hoping to be the next Tiger Woods or do they know something that we don’t?

Well, there are a lot of reasons why people, regardless of age, would want to move to a golf community. Let’s take a look at the top 4 reasons.

1. Golf communities are quiet and peaceful

Golf communities tend to be pretty spacious because the lot sizes are larger than the ones in your average housing community. But it isn’t just the lot sizes that folks love – they like that since the homes are spaced further apart, they don’t worry about noisy neighbors or out-of-control house parties. There’s nothing like the peace and quiet of a golf community!

2. Golf communities usually have amazing views

Another perk of living in a golf community is that you’re going to have a nice view out of every (or almost every) window. The golf grounds themselves are impeccably maintained and there’s almost always a lake or a small body of water nearby. So not only will you see green grass and birds floating on the water, but you’re not going to get light pollution because golf courses usually don’t have any lights!

3. Golf communities are managed by a homeowner’s association

It would be unusual for a golf community to not have a homeowner’s association. Almost all golf communities have a homeowner’s association, which is nice for homeowners who want to maintain a certain quality of life within the community.  Moreover, as mentioned here at http://www.trippscott.com/practice-areas/condominium-hoa, some HOAs often work with lawyers to provide counsel on annual meetings and officer elections and formulating rules and policies, drafting documents for condominium communities, and more. It will give you peace of mind. You’ll know your neighbors and won’t have to worry about that type of neighbor whose yard is a mess or causes problems!

Note: It’s worth mentioning that before you move into a golf community that you check with your realtor to find out if you can get a rundown of the HoA’s rules, regulations, and penalties. If you can, make sure you read through them because sometimes there are going to be rules that won’t vibe with you.

4. Golf communities have great amenities

Golf communities will usually give homeowners a special membership so they can use the golf course. But, homeowners may also have access to other cool amenities that aren’t available in your regular communities. Some added perks can include access to tennis courts, a clubhouse, swimming pools, and even dining venues located on the premises.

Golf communities aren’t just for the retired anymore

Living in a golf community will almost always guarantee a quieter way of life which is appealing for many – especially those who are able to work remotely! Now that businesses are incorporating remote work into their work ethos, people who once lived in hectic cities are now embracing the tranquility that comes with these communities.

Although living in a golf community has immediate benefits, there’s also the fact that you can see a decent return on your investment. On average, homeowners who live in a golf community could see their home value increase by $24,000 just based on where your home is located. Pretty sweet, right?

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