What’s Your Idea Of Home Perfection?

What's Your Idea Of Home Perfection

Everyone has an idea of their perfect home in their head. Whether it be warm and cozy, large and grand, small and cute… we’ve all got a way that we would deem to be perfection if it was our own home. But this idea of perfection that we have is rarely ever met. Instead we just go with the flow and buy the bits and bobs we can that we think will look nice in the home. Well, it actually isn’t that hard to create your own idea of home perfection. All you need to do is make a few small changes to your current decor and style, and you could be on your way to a home that looks completely different.

Cute & Cozy

Cute and cozy is one of the best designs to achieve, and it is one of the easiest. A home should be nice and cozy no matter what, well, at least some of the rooms should be. So, the first step to making a room cute and cozy is to fill it with warmth and fluff. Let’s take one of the coziest rooms in the house as it is, the bedroom. Fluffy pillows, fluffy throws, a fluffy rug. They’re all additions you could put in to help you feel that little more cosy.

Add candles into the room to illuminate the room alongside the TV with a film on is the perfect idea of cozy. If you want to get the cute element right, simple colours with the decor, perhaps even pastel colours, and plenty of little accessories will help this. Metal and silver ornaments and indoor plants really help to make a room look cute and a bit snazzy all at the same time.

Rustic & Old School

Rustic is one of the harder looks to achieve, but it can be done by buying all natural things such as woods and metals. Let’s take the kitchen for example. A nice hand crafted oak table that hasn’t been glossed, and looks like it has just been carved out of a tree would look rustic. It is also a pretty unique idea. For that old school element you could focus on retro technology to put in. There’s plenty in the way of this, all you need to look at are things such as the toaster, fridge, and you can check out a great selection of ceiling fans to keep that breeze coming through.

There are plenty of old school and unique designs to check out. As long as you’re keeping pretty much everything a nice and oak based, with the odd bit of metals in there such a draining board, knife stand, just little accessories like that, we believe you’ll be meeting that old school country and rustic look.

Big & Grand

Big and grand is one of the best looks to achieve, but so many people avoid it because they don’t think their house is big or grand enough in the first place. But it doesn’t have to be this way, all you need to do is use decor to your advantage and style the home right. So, the first thing you need to focus on is accessories. Think things like chandeliers, a lamp shade, marble effect tiles etc.

Yes, it might require a bit of a renovation if you’re going to do something like the latter. But surely it’ll be worth it if you’re getting that home of your dreams? As for the living room, focus on leather sofas and fur throws, and get wallpaper rather than paint so you can get a little bit of colour and design going on. Some wallpapers completely transform the feel of the room, and can make it look really grand and luxurious.

Colourful & Bold

Colourful is definitely the easiest to achieve, but doing it right isn’t always the easiest. All you need to focus on is brightening up a room with bold colours that actually go together. Get this wrong and it could look like a really bad colour disaster. There are plenty of websites on the internet that’ll show you some colourful and bold interior designs to make sure you’re getting it right. As for the bold aspect, you could focus on furniture and go a bit more outlandish.

There are some furniture shops online that are selling some of the most crazy pieces of furniture, but if put in a home they really would look amazing. As long as you have an eye for detail and things that match, this one is for you.

So, out of these options, what do you think your idea of home perfection is?

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