When and Where To Wear Hoop Earrings

When and Where To Wear Hoop Earrings

When it comes to the world of hoop earrings, there’s a lot to learn. From the history and cultural significance of hoops (particularly in Black and Latinx cultures) to the seemingly endless styles available, a pair of hoops can quickly become something intimidating. Fortunately, there’s quite a bit of wiggle room. When worn with a proper appreciation for the cultures which originate these styles as well as their contemporary meanings, you can wear your favorite hoops with nearly any style. Pair this knowledge with our Guide to Hoop Earrings and you’ll be rocking the season’s hottest styles in no time.

Everyday Wear

The great thing about everyday occasions is that they happen every day (or just about). What does that mean in terms of your hoop earrings or other accessories? You can collect a few different pairs of hoops and wear whichever happens to best suit your mood! Small hoops are especially well-suited to your go-to casual outfit, but there’s by no means a hard-and-fast rule against wearing your large hoop earrings instead.

Huggie earrings are an especially creative take on smaller hoops, sitting close to (or “hugging”) your earlobe. You can find huggies in simple metals, adorned with crystals, or even with the option to add charms for an extra-special personalized look. You can even take advantage of the mismatched trend that’s taking over runways by using those charms to mix and match your favorite hoops.

A pair of classic hoops in your favorite precious metal (like yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or sterling silver) can take your style up a notch while keeping a dainty profile. Reach for a small or medium hoop with classic simplicity, and you’ll have the best hoop earrings for nearly any occasion on hand and ready to be styled.

Special Occasions

When you wear stud earrings, there are times you reach for simple silver studs and times you turn to the sparkle of diamond studs. The same is true of any more elaborate earring, including hoops. Sometimes, you want to keep things simple. But, at others, your jewelry is just one exciting opportunity to go all-out. So, what type of hoop earrings should you look for when preparing for a big day?

Whether it’s a silver or gold hoop style (or something else, like a rose gold option), the sparkle of diamonds or other gemstones makes for a detail you can’t help but show off. There’s a reason that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. There’s nothing quite like that sparkle catching the light and drawing all eyes to your ear lobes! If you’re not a big fan of diamond hoop earrings, then reach for another standout piece. Gemstone Earrings are also eye-catching and come in so many beautiful colors.

Bold colors can be a particularly attractive choice for those looking to stand out without sparkle. Look for hoops crafted with colorful beads or even tassels for a bit of extra motion. Still haven’t found the perfect piece for your jewelry collection? How about a pair of hoops with a shape that’s as unique as you are, like hearts or on-trend angles.

You might wear small hoops day in and day out, reaching for your favorite pair from its standard place on your vanity each morning. Or, maybe you turn to large diamond hoops to set the mood for your most monumental moments. Alternatively, you might take your hoop look a whole new way, creating a style that’s uniquely you. Multiple piercings? Mix them up and use some creative combinations. Charms on hand? Style your hoops to your heart’s content.

Whatever the occasion, your hoops say something about you—whether they whisper, shout, or sing, you get to determine their language!

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