When Is The Best Time To Install Solar Panels?

When Is The Best Time To Install Solar Panels?

With the abundance of sunshine in Australia, it makes sense to make full use of those rays while saving on your electricity bill. More and more Australians are looking at solar power as the preferred way to power their homes.

If you are considering getting solar panels for your home or business, you want to do everything right. It is an investment that will take a good chunk of your money, so you have to get your solar system installed correctly and at the right time.

Have you ever wondered when was the perfect time to get your solar-powered system installed on your premises?  Let’s explore the technical aspects of solar power installation and help you make an informed decision.

Is solar energy seasonal?

Some electric gadgets such as heaters or cooling systems are only functional for specific months of the year. The use of a solar system is not limited to any particular season; it’s functional all year round as long as you have a system designed to meet your power needs.

Some parts of Australia are fortunate enough to enjoy the sun’s beams for at least 300 days in a year. But what about the overcast areas and the other 65 days? Don’t worry, your solar system is guaranteed to keep you powered for 365 days a year for the duration of your warranty.

Solar panels need sunlight, not heat

Solar energy is generated from the sun’s rays beaming onto the surface of the solar panel. In summer, the days are longer than in other seasons, and the sun’s angle and radiation result in increased solar energy production.

The sweltering summer temperatures do not necessarily mean that your solar system will have increased output. Extremely high temperatures will affect your solar panel’s efficiency.

Spring is the 2nd sunniest season in Australia. It may be worth your while to have your system installed during spring so you can harness power without the adverse effects of overheating on your panels.

An off-peak installation will save you time and money

Most households consume the most energy during summer. In a bid to lower electricity bills, many consumers will rush to get their homes powered off the grid. When demand is high, it’s a seller’s market, and you could end up paying more than you anticipated for your solar power installation.

Before getting your solar system up and running, there is a lot of paperwork to be completed. Stay ahead of the game by purchasing your solar equipment before the summer peak and get connected in time. Plus, you can bargain for a good deal for your system, which will save you money.

Backing up power for off-peak seasons

Your power needs are not consistent throughout the year. Some seasons demand higher energy consumption than others.

If you get your home solar powered before the peak seasons, you have the opportunity to store excess energy in your batteries. This energy will help save you high electricity bills once your household power consumption increases.

Any time is solar power installation time!

Although it’s ideal for getting your solar system connected and power your home during the off-peak seasons, there is never a wrong time to get off the grid. Solar energy will significantly reduce your electricity bills regardless of the season of installation. And you will be contributing to the green initiative while you’re at it.

Waiting for the “right time” to switch to solar will only delay the benefits of solar energy. Make a worthwhile investment and get a solar system from SolarBright, a tried tested and reputable supplier, and keep your home powered for decades to come.

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