Where to Buy the Best Timber Stairs

Where to Buy the Best Timber Stairs

What type of wood do you use for stairs?

Are you going through a lot of choices of wood for your space and are you also figuring out which wood to use for the stairs? It can be a confusing experience as you wade through the best wood options available that matches the design of your timber stairs since there are practically dozens of types of woods that can be used for home construction projects. Depending on where you live, your budget and other factors, specific types of wood might be a better option than others. How much should it cost once choosing the type of wood to use for stairs?

How much does a staircase cost in Australia?

In some cases, you can expect to pay about at least $4,000 for a staircase. Although, there are many factors in the design that can impact the price. When you seek help by hiring the best staircase builder you know, both their experience and craftsmanship do matter.

Choosing a specific staircase builder may suit the layout and design of your staircase. Especially when you’d like to install a glass staircase, a different kind of staircase builder who has experience installing them will be able to assist you.

Where to buy the best timber stairs in Melbourne?

Once the structure of your staircase has been fully built, it can be difficult to find a design finish that matches your home’s overall aesthetic.

At Kustom Timber, we’ve created a reputation for having an extensive range of colours and clever solutions for both timber selection and polishing techniques.

Something you need to know about choosing the design finish of your stairs is the immediate benefits of timber stairs. One of which is aesthetics. Timber blends in seamlessly with any style, which takes the look of your staircase to the next level. It is treated with a non-slip product to make it safer to use. Timber also has the added advantage of getting refinished and be sanded back. Maintaining the integrity of your timber stairs only takes a simple sweeping routine because the dirt doesn’t get trapped in it.

With Kustom Timber, you have more leverage to choose good quality timber for your stairs and take advantage of the fact that it’s highly durable. Timber allows you to change the look of your stairs over time! You can try a whole new look if you want something different.

Kustom Timber can help design and build the staircase aesthetic you have in mind. Whether you’re ready to move on from your old staircase, or it is in need of a face lift, our expert team offers a range of timbers, the right stains and finishes to get the aesthetic that you want for your brand new-looking staircase. You can avoid the common mistakes people make with timber stairs by consulting us on your staircase concerns.

Visit our showroom and take a look at the range of products we have on offer. Let us transform your staircase today!

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