Where to Place Outdoor Security Cameras

Where to Place Outdoor Security Cameras

According to SafeNow, which is a worthy site in the security niche, people invest in security cameras because they want to have an extra pair of eyes on their home when they are at work. Some even like the extra level of security on their home for nighttime purposes. These cameras ensure that you acquire adequate details you need in case of an incident rather than depending on hearsay.

Apart from placing your cameras indoors, most homeowners also want to keep their outdoor secured using outdoor security cameras. These cameras assure you of security, monitor your children while they play outside, and can be critical when recognizing visitors and burglars who enter your compound.

But where should you place your outdoor security cameras? Most people do not know where to put them, by the way. That is why we are going to explore tips on the best places to install outdoor security cameras in this article.

The front door

Most people use the front door as the main entrance to the house. Statistics from various authority sites suggest that most burglars use the front door when breaking into any home.

It sounds shocking, but it is true.

Therefore, you have to always monitor your front door by placing the camera here. Ensure that it is high enough so that you can see the faces of people who choose to come close to this door. The cameras will also secure the front area of your property.

Back doors and windows

If a burglar cannot access the front door, then the next place they can think of is the backyard. Rear doors and windows seem to be an excellent place for breaking into a home.

Most criminals also know that the backyard, gardens, and greenhouse are vulnerable, and there is less likelihood that anyone will notice them.

Be a step ahead by keeping the camera in this area. Nevertheless, consider placing the camera where it can capture the faces of the individual quickly. The lens should be strong enough to capture every image without struggling.


A garage is an essential place for most people. Some people use it for storage purposes, while for most homeowners, this is your vehicle’s “house.” If that is the case, you need to keep watch of your car even when you are away.

Install a camera here. Make sure that it is in a high position to increase the field of view and avoid damage.

Off-street windows

Most burglars do not want to be seen as they commit their crimes. They will avoid using windows that are visible from the road or street. Hence, installing a camera here is sufficient.

First floor

Placing cameras here is another way of providing security for your home. These cameras play an important role because they give you a complete view of your home, depending on which side of the house you place it.

Furthermore, this height is favorable because it is difficult for anyone to vandalize it. A burglar needs to climb up to get to it. Meaning, you will have already seen them by the time they get to the camera.

Tips for placing the camera

When placing the camera, there are several things you need to think about. For instance:

  • You need to ensure that you test the cameras before you install them. Doing this will help you know the strength of the camera, the field of view it can capture, and its limitations
  • The appropriate height for installing the camera is nine feet. It prevents damage and harder for any person with ill motives to reach it
  • Use protective hardware that will protect the camera from damage.
  • Adequate lighting can help the camera record even at night. If not, the camera should have night vision
  • Avoid placing the camera in areas where your neighbors could feel unsafe. For instance, placing the camera near their bathroom may make them feel insecure
  • Decoy cameras can help. They make it difficult for the thief to detect which camera is working and which one is not.

Final remarks

Placing outdoor security cameras is easy. Ensure that you use them to seal security loopholes. If you do not know where to place the cameras, you can consult a reliable site, or you can ask for professional help.

Although installing the camera is a great DIY project, professionals know the best areas to put the camera. Hence, contacting security experts can save you some time and ensure that the cameras are working diligently.

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