Where You Should Consider Installing Quarry Tile

Quarry tile is a kind of porcelain tile made from clay. It’s durable in nature, non-slippery, and cheap – making it perfect for specific restaurants and homes. The name of quarry tile can sometimes mislead people into thinking it’s made from a quarry. It is also sometimes called red tile because of its prevalent red color usage everywhere.

Where You Should Consider Installing Quarry Tile

Most quarry tiles these days are in reality stoneware or related ceramic tiles made in resemblance to quarry tiles. The main difference is simple between authentic quarry tiles and the ones sold today. If the same process makes a tile as that of a brick, it is an authentic quarry tile. This kind of tile is a slab of clay cut directly from the site, contrary to the ones made in a more conventional way of factories.

If you are looking for tiles to install in your home, restaurant, or any other space, you should definitely know about your options. That is what quarry tiles offer, a good quality option within a low price bracket.

Where You Should Consider Quarry Tile:

Although a lot of experts might advise you that quarry tiles can be installed everywhere, I personally think that some of its characteristics will limit quarry tiles use everywhere.

Kitchen Floor:

Kitchen floors are usually susceptible to accidental water splashes. The good thing about quarry tiles is that it is water-resistant. Quarry tiles are stiff, too, making it less likely to break because of any accidents.

Living Room

The ability to resist water, dust, tiny scratches, and blend the dust scratches within the darker shades can give you an excellent reason to choose quarry tiles. It’s only reasonable that there will be a public gathering in your living room. So, quarry tiles can give you that sense of protection you need. If you are more into mosaic tile, then glass penny round tile is a good alternative.

Dining Space

Imagine having dinner, and one of the guests splashed their glass of drink onto the floor. You can’t say anything or do anything, what you can do instead is take a preemptive measure that will protect your floor. That is what quarry tiles will do, protect your floor.


The process of making quarry tiles has a high degree of resemblance to that of brick’s. The method of giving it extreme heat makes it tough, and as a result, it becomes slip-resistant. With its ability to take high traffic, durability, the cheap rate, there aren’t better alternatives to quarry tiles for interior and exterior walkways.


The kitchen backsplash is almost always overlooked. But, they should be given more concern because of their susceptibility to getting stained and damaged. Quarry tiles can provide your kitchen backsplash the protection that it needs.


The bathroom and especially the kitchen countertops are heavily used throughout the day. Quarry tiles are hard enough not to get damaged, scratched, or broken due to heavy usage. It could also look great if you can choose a matching color palette for your tiles in the bathroom or kitchen.

It’s a myth that quarry tiles are only found in commercial buildings. Quarry tiles can hide stains well, they are very durable, and cheap. That’s why it’s normal that these commercial spaces would use quarry tiles. But, it doesn’t necessarily limit its usage only to commercial places. Even more so thinking of the alternatives to quarry tiles.

Quarry tiles do not only come in red color, although it’s the most popular choice in production. It’s because of the convenience of making it brick-like red and caused by the brick-like production method. But, there are other colors to adjust to your needs. Most common colors that quarry tiles come in are – brown, grey, tan, and of course, red.

So, if you are looking for tiles that will last you a life that will look great as well, don’t look beyond quarry tiles.

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