Which Type Of Garage Door Is Right For You?

Which Type Of Garage Door Is Right For You

Garage doors can be a tricky purchase to make. Your garage door has to be safe, secure, and easy to open and close so you can get in and out in your vehicle. So when it comes to replacing your trusty garage door, it can be difficult to decide which one is better suited for your home. There are a variety of options on the market today, all with different benefits to suit every home.

Industrial door manufacturer Hormann, tells us the most common types of garage doors and the features they offer. This handy guide should make deciding and purchasing a new garage door for your home easier than ever!

Collective Garage Doors

For collective garages with up to 25 parking spaces, a collective garage door may be the best option here. If you’re someone with a property with a collective garage, a large and maintenance free door may be the most convenient and effective option for you. Perfectly safe and secure, these doors are great for families.

Another fantastic feature of collective garage doors is that they are extremely quiet. This is perfect for people with many neighbours. The last thing you’d want to do when replacing your garage door is to purchase a noisy one that disturbs your neighbours.

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors are a very common type of garage door that is suitable for most people. These doors are made up of several sections that hinge together. Sectional garage doors are incredibly easy to operate and can fit a large variety of garage openings. As these doors are so versatile, it makes them the most convenient and efficient option for most people.

Slide to The Side Doors

Slide-to-the-side doors sit parallel to the garage wall. These doors are ideal for garages with little headroom, and more wall space. These doors are effective and easy to use, however the downfall is that they do take up a lot of wall space inside the garage.

Roll-up Doors

Roll-up garage doors are another popular choice of residential garage doors. Similar to sectional garage doors, these doors are very convenient and are easy to operate. These doors work by rolling up into a coil at the top of the opening to the garage, saving a lot of space. Because of this, these doors are a popular choice with those who have limited space in their garages.

Up And Over Canopy Doors

Canopy garage doors are made up of one solid piece, making them easy to open and close manually. These doors fit up into the garage, as they have a pivoting hinge mechanism. This type of garage door extends past the front of the house when it’s open, so that is important to bear in mind when deciding which garage door you’d want.

Retractable Garage Doors

Similar to up and over canopy doors, retractable garage doors fit up into the garage, however, they don’t extend past the front of the house. These doors, instead, retract into the garage out of the way. However, these doors aren’t as easy to operate as the many other options, so that’s important to note when looking for your ideal garage door.

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