Which Types of Indoor Plants Should You Grow To Decorate Your Living Room?

Plants are not limited to a garden space only, especially in today’s time, many types of indoor plants are a prime element in interior decoration. Having plants indoors is not just pretty but also very healthy. They help liven up your indoors because let us accept it, a little green always helps. But other than that, they also help to keep dust away while purifying the air, thus keeping indoor pollution at bay.

types of indoor plants

As for your living room, adding indoor plants in the space will give a warm and welcoming feel to it, which your guests will adore, and you will love. But then, we come to the next big question: which plants should you go for, for your living room? Down below, we have a list for types of indoor plants that will be just perfect for your living room. After choosing which plants to grow, you need to give them the right environment to grow. Use a Grow room environment monitor to keep a track of the level of humidity, temperature, light etc.

Types of Indoor Plants

Succulents & Cacti

When talking about common indoor plants, the most favorite plant to pop up in anyone’s mind would probably be succulents and cacti. They are gorgeous indoor plants that are extremely easy to maintain and grow. They require moderate light and water once every week yet grow exceptionally well. They add texture and tones to your living room. You may collect a variety of them, as they are available in various sizes and forms, and create art right in the middle of your living space.

ZZ Plant

If you are thinking tall and bold, then the ZZ plant might have the answer you are looking for. These plants stand tall and are great at making a striking impression of your living room. They require very less water, which means you don’t have to humidify your plants. In case you are too busy to water your plants, this one will be thankful for it. They need less light and have low maintenance characteristics. All in all, perfect for a contemporary-styled living room.

String of Pearls

If you are a fan of hanging plants, we would highly recommend this beauty called the String of Pearls. True to its name, it’s a beautiful plant that cascades as a literal string of green leaves (pearls), adding an almost fantasy-like element to your space. It requires indirect light and water only when the soil is dry. Hang it up in a beautiful basket and watch its length of strings cascade over.

Rubber plant

If you have a spacious living room that is lit pretty well, then you can always settle for the rubber plant. These plants require sunlight and moist soil but are easy to maintain and look after. Its stature and waxy leaves will be a perfect addition to the aesthetics of your space. Also, they are known to be one of the best natural air-purifiers out there. You may place it near a sitting area and watch it add a sense of beauty to the whole room, especially your bedroom if you have a window.

Peace Lily

Peace lilies are one of the most grown types of indoor plants. And why ever not? They are, like all the other plants on this list, easy to maintain and look after. But the main reason why it is so popular is because of the ‘flower’ of this plant. The Peace Lily produces a beautiful white flower that however is not a flower but rather an extension of the leaves. Depending on where you place it, the flowers will thrive more if placed in a sunlit area. Whereas in a low-lit area, it will bloom comparatively less. They can easily brighten up your space and are also great air-purifiers.

English Ivy

English Ivies are ornamental plants with beautiful leaves. They are again, very easy to maintain. All you need to do is keep it around 4 hours of sunlight and moderate water. They can be put in pots, hanging planters, pedestal pots, or bowls. Whatever you put them in, they will own it and make your living space look artistic.

When growing different types of indoor plants in your home, make sure that they are pet friendly. Once you understand how to plant and grow them, you’ll create a beautiful ecosystem for living.

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