Who Said You Couldn’t Boss Your Own Bathroom Renovation?

We live in an age of DIY and with the right bathroom renovation tips, you can manage your remodel with success. It’s a fantastic way to make your mark, save money, and get stuck in. And, with tools so readily available, there’s no argument against doing it yourself anymore. There doesn’t seem any need to call someone in most of the time.

That said, many of us still hold tasks in hour heads which we’d never do alone. We may be able to build a garden shed, but most of us pride ourselves in knowing when to call the pros. But, we’re here to call that theory out for the rubbish it sometimes is. Consider, for instance, that even avid DIYers avoid bathroom renovations. There are drains, pipes, and water involved, after all. As such, this is one of those rooms which falls under the ‘leave it to the pros’ category.

But, what if we were to tell you that it’s entirely possible to renovate your own bathroom? Even better, you only need to keep the following in mind to make this work.

Bathroom Renovation Tips

The importance of research

Though a DIY bathroom is possible, it does require some skill. Let’s face it; working around pipes and ripping out toilets is more challenging than painting walls. Does that mean you can never manage it? Of course, not. But, it does mean that research is essential before you make the first mark. The moment a new bathroom becomes a twinkle in your eye, head to how to guides like those found on Plumb and Lined. There, you can learn things like how to tile or replace bathroom countertops. Further research could even teach you how to replace a toilet or set up a new bath. The key is foreseeing what you’ll need to do and getting a firm grasp on it before attempting anything.

The ability to know the no-go jobs

While it’d be foolish to disregard a DIY bathroom, some tasks really do need a professional. That doesn’t mean that you need to give up the job for good. It merely means you need to recognize what you do and don’t need someone else to take care of. It may be that you can remove a toilet but need a professional to fit one elsewhere. You may be able to install that bath if a plumber gets the pipes ready. Before you start, keep a realistic idea of what you can’t do. Then, you can manage most of this renovation without ever stumbling across a major disaster.

Don’t over complicate matters

free online bathroom design tool

Use a Free Online Bathroom Design Tool

Planning ahead is the smartest move you can make. And, if you use a free online bathroom design tool, you’ll see what your bathroom will look like before you buy anything. It will give a clear idea where things will fit. For example, will that jet tub for two really fit? Are you allowing enough room to move around? There are several free and paid design tools available online: 17 Bathroom Design Tool Options for 2019 (Free & Paid).


Sometimes, the idea of a bathroom renovation sets fear into our hearts. You may assume that it’s going to be complicated, but that isn’t true. But with the right bathroom renovation tips, it’s an easy enough task. You may have one day of dealing with pipes, but the rest is basic. You’ll need to paint walls, lay flooring, and accessorize. This is all stuff you’ve done plenty before. So, stop putting yourself off by over complicating the matter. Get started, already, and create the bathroom of your dreams.

We live in an age of DIY. And that includes becoming the boss of your own bathroom remodel. We've put together some helpfut bathroom renovation tips.

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