Why and When You Should Hire a Leak Detection Expert

Why and When You Should Hire a Leak Detection Expert

Water leaks in your residential and/or commercial space can be very dangerous and costly if it is not addressed on time. This is why the services of a leak detection and repair expert are very essential.

The dangers that come with water leaks are so much that you should not think twice about hiring these professionals. For instance, prolonged water leak problems can threaten your health.

This is because it can trigger the growth of mildew and mold, as well as contaminate the water. Additionally, other non-health problems include unwarranted expenses in your utility bill, damage to the physical structure of the building, and fire hazards.

Frankly speaking, refusing to attend to a water leakage is something you want to avoid. For more information on this subject, you can visit: https://www.greenprophet.com/2020/12/the-hidden-dangers-of-having-water-leaks/

In this article, we will address why and when you should consider hiring these professional service providers.

Leaking Pipe

What Is a Leak Detection Service?

This is a plumbing-related service that involves using special pieces of equipment to found out the source of a water leak in a residential or commercial building. The effective use of the special equipment can only be done by trained operational staff.

After the cause and source of the leakage have been discovered, these experts are also able to resolve the problem. This can be about patching up a slightly faulty part or replacing the faulty part entirely.

It is very important that you hire a capable team to resolve leakage problems. One of the reasons is so that you get results and repairs done as soon as possible.

For instance, there are various approaches or methods used to resolve these problems. This is especially depending on the severity of the problem. Some of the methods used to detect and evaluate the kind of repairs required include the following:

  • Thermal Imaging
  • Tracer Gas
  • Moisture Meter
  • Acoustic Method

It will only take a trained and experienced service provider to know which of these methods is appropriate for finding out the problem. This is why you should avoid inexperienced service providers.

Why and When You Should Hire a Leak Detection Expert

Importance of Hiring a Capable Leak Detection Expert

At some point in your residential or commercial space, you will have to deal with water leakage. This may be in your kitchen, restroom, or even in your pool.

When this time comes, you need the services of a capable leak detection expert to address the problems as quickly as possible. Some of the reasons for this are explained below:

It Saves You Time

You will be doing the wrong thing by hiring an inexperienced person or trying to deal with the situation all by yourself.

The reason is that neither you nor the inexperienced person understands how to go about solving the problem. This is why you must call upon a capable workman when the need arises.

By so doing, you will save yourself a lot of stress trying to identify the problem.

To Avoid Further Complications

This is one of the major highlights of engaging the service of these professionals. In the bid to address a problem, some people end up further complicating the situation when they hire inexperienced hands or try to do it themselves.

This is one of the reasons experts in Cape Town recommend that leak detection Cape Town is done by a capable company. This way, you will avoid the possibility of making matters worse.

It Saves You Stress

By calling on these guys to handle the project, you will not have to get your hands dirty. So, we strongly recommend that you call upon these professionals when you have a water leakage problem.

Plumbing expert working on pipes

When You Should Call Upon a Leak Detection Expert

Several red flags point to the fact that you need these professionals. Some of these signs are listed and explained below:

Increased Water Bill

You should call upon these experts the moment you notice there is an irregular increase in the charges by the water supply authorities. Explain the situation to the professional. The problem may be leakage that has made the charges increase.

Irregular Growth in Your Garden

In many parts of Cape Town and the nation at large, the water pipe channel runs somewhere near the garden. As a result, this part of the house is a way to detect if there is leakage.

One of the signs you should look out for is irregularities in the way plants grow in your garden. Do not take things for granted if you discover that a select portion grows better and is greener than other parts.

This may be because a leaking pipe is constantly supplying water to that select part of the garden. You should also ensure that a portion of the garden is not moister than other parts.

Discoloration and Moisture Stain on Your wall

The water pipes may be channeled to run inside your wall. This is the case in many buildings in Cape Town. When there is a leakage, the implication is that such walls begin to show clear signs of discoloration and moisture stain. If you notice such, call upon the experts right away.

Furthermore, such walls begin to get cooler than other walls in the house. You should call on these professionals if you notice this sign.

Increased Water Level in Your Pool

It is one thing to pump sufficient water into your pool. It is another thing to realize the pool is always filled up even when there was no rain or supply of water.

You should contact these experts if you notice your pool always has more water than you have pumped into it. For more on the subject of finding out if you have a water leakage problem, you can watch this.


A water leakage problem is something that is best addressed as soon as possible. So, you have to know when you have this problem. This is why we have taken out the time to share some of the red flags that might prove you have this problem.

Furthermore, the importance of hiring a professional service provider to resolve this problem has been discussed. We strongly advise that you make an informed decision judging from the advantages of hiring these professionals that have been shared here.

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