Why Are Inspections of Rental Property Mandatory?

Why Are Inspections of Rental Property Mandatory

According to a Harvard study covering the U.S. rental housing market in 2020, vacancy rates are likely to stay considerably low. Despite the pandemic, the rental property market faces a burden on the supply. People prefer to occupy rented spaces. The demand for rented properties and the low vacancy rates has pushed up rents faster than incomes. This situation has also shown the light to another crucial issue, which is rental property inspections.

Rental property inspections are indispensable. You hand over your property to a tenant who lives in the space for over a while. Critical examination ensures that your property doesn’t get neglected and that any defects or issues are taken care of before they shape into more significant problems. If you do not repair house damages soon, they can worsen and cost you much more than they would initially. However, it would be best if you make sure to strike a balance. If you visit your tenants too often for inspections, you can annoy them and jeopardize the relationship.

Why Are Inspections Important?

You may feel that periodic review sessions of the condition of your property are unnecessary. However, it is not valid. Inspections are essential to make sure your property does not deplete over the tenancy period. Check and balance may prove useful in numerous ways, and here we have listed down some of these benefits for you.

  • Inspections around the property may help you detect any safety hazards or hazardous situations that could put the life of your renters in danger. In case any mishaps happen, you may come under certain liabilities, and if the damages are immense, you may also face fines. It is why conducting periodic reviews of your house may focus on any such hazards, and you can provide repairs immediately.
  • Periodic review visits will also help ensure that your tenants are keeping the place up-to-date. The tenancy contract may put some of the onus of house maintenance on the tenants, and conducting inspections will make sure whether the renters are following the terms or not. In case you provide a short term housing facility, it becomes all the more necessary since tenants may get careless around the space.
  • Neglecting your property and not reviewing any repairs needed may gradually diminish the value of your property. If you wish to maintain or even improve your property’s worth, you should keep maintaining or enhancing the space over the period.
  • Inspections are necessary to ensure repairs get done incessantly and as soon as the problems occur. Delay in repairs may prove more costly and also increase the risk of permanent damages to your property.
  • Adequate maintenance will also make sure that your tenants stay satisfied with the place. If your renters are happy with the house maintenance, they may even extend the tenancy contract.

What Are Some Ways To Maintain The Property For Tenants?

Now that we have emphasized the significance of inspection visits let’s look into some of the ways you can examine and maintain your tenants’ property. Here we have a list of to-dos to follow when you visit a property for inspection:

  • The first step is always to ask your tenants how satisfied they are with your place. Keeping a check on your tenants and assuring that you are there whenever they need you is crucial in tenant retention. It will also build your reputation and increase your chances of bagging renters in the future.
  • The next step is to review your property. It would be best if you examine both the interiors and the exteriors of the space. The exterior will include inspecting the windows, rooftop, wall paints, and the landscape. While reviewing the interiors, you should check the water heater, heating and cooling system, wall paints, and smoke detectors. In general, you should scrutinize every part of the house for any damage or defects.
  • If you own numerous properties and do not get enough time to manage them, you can look into hiring a property manager. They can handle the inspections, ensure timely repairs, and also follow up for monthly rentals. For help with these and related services in Edinburgh, check out clangordon.co.uk.
  • You should also review spots for renovations and improvements. Repairing defects and damages will help maintain your property; however, you should also focus on improving your property’s worth by renovating and enhancing features.


When you are in the rental property business, inspections and reviews are a mandatory responsibility. They save you from huge losses and help maintain the value of your property over time. Examinations are also essential to ensure your tenants are satisfied with your property and this, in turn, proves to brush up your reputation in the market. All in all, it is not wrong to say that property inspections are essential for the owner’s good and provide numerous benefits!

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