Why Basement Waterproofing Is Important In Protecting Your Home’s Foundation

The most common kind of damage in any home is water damage since it can be caused by humidity, seepage, rain, burst pipes, overflows, and plumbing leaks. Your basement is vulnerable to water damage because it may seep in through the cracks in the foundation. Moreover, poor cooling or heating may cause a buildup of condensation or moisture.

Excess water or flooding in a basement can cause some problems including mold growth and structural damage, which makes basement waterproofing essential in protecting your home’s foundation.

The foundation of your home is what keeps it secure and stable, so you must always do what you could to keep it in shape. An unstable foundation may result in bowing walls, sloping floors, and windows or doors that will not close properly, warns Granite Foundation Repair in Plano. All of such issues may continue to be worse, which could compromise the comfort, efficiency, and safety of your home. If you want to ensure that your basement is as safe as possible, talk to the best contractor to have it waterproofed properly, such as the folks at https://www.helitechonline.com/.

But, before everything else, it’s best to know the main causes of basement moisture, which include the following:

Causes of Basement Moisture

Improper Drainage System

If groundwater and rain can’t drain away properly, it could make its way to your basement. A poor drainage system is one of the common causes of basement wetness. If water is not directed away from your house, it’ll accumulate around the foundation where it could try finding a way inside.


A basement is a damp place; when condensation happens, it can bring mold, mildew, and potential damage, which can result in basement wetness.

Cracks in the Basement

Cracks in the basement floors, walls, and around your doors or windows offer the best avenue through which the water may flow. Water can always follow the path of resistance and such cracks make it simple for water to seep in.

Reasons Why Basement Waterproofing Is Important

Aside from protecting your home’s foundation, there are other reasons why basement waterproofing is beneficial, and these include:

Helps You Protect Your Health

Water in your basement is the main cause of mold growth, which could spread through your property causing some health problems for your family and can result in the deterioration of your house. Mold doesn’t only like dark spaces, but also warm places like a basement. Mold spores may cause issues for anybody but can be dangerous to those who are suffering from allergies or asthma.

One of the reasons why basement waterproofing may come in handy is that it can help you protect your health by eliminating the moisture element in your basement. It lessens the risk of mold growth in your property, which helps you ensure that you and your family are healthy while protecting your property’s foundation at the same time.

Increases Property Value

The foundation of your home can settle over time and may shift because of the changes in the moisture levels. This process may result in cracks that could let more leakage and moisture in your basement. That moisture and water can cause cracks in your foundation walls, which can result in serious structural damage.

If you plan to sell your home in the future, waterproofing your basement may add more value to it. Mold growth and water damage can reduce the value of your house as nobody wants to settle down for less in terms of buying property.

On the contrary, potential buyers can rely on a property with a waterproofed basement, which ensures the home is safe for years. So, don’t think about the expenses you have spent because of waterproofing your basement because other potential home buyers are more likely to spend more if they know that the basement is properly waterproofed.

Protects Your Precious Belongings

Oftentimes, a basement is used as a storage space, which may be an issue if not waterproofed properly. Your personal items can be destroyed or damaged once your basement starts leaking during a storm. Not only you could lose valuable items, you may also lose some of your precious memories from failing to make the basement waterproof. Also, water damage is time consuming and expensive to repair. So, if you don’t want this to happen, make sure to schedule basement waterproofing service as soon as possible.

Basement waterproofing may be expensive for some, but it’s a worthy investment because water damage may cost you more than what you have imagined, especially if most of your belongings in the basement are priceless and something irreplaceable.

Prevents Any Structural Damage

Water seepage through your home’s foundation can result in structural damage by affecting the edges and joints where the walls and flooring meet. The structural damage can include cracks on the foundation and buckling of the flooring and walls, which can threaten your home’s structural integrity. Most of the damage happens unnoticed and can be serious before you realize there’s a problem. Effective waterproofing can protect your home and prevent any serious structural damage.

Reduces Energy Costs

Wet and warm basement will increase your home’s humidity level during summer months, which makes it costlier to cool. Cracks in the foundation of your home could be letting in the cold winter air in spite of your efforts to keep your home warm. Basement waterproofing can insulate your home better and will make your cooling and heating more efficiently in the entire year.

Methods of Waterproofing

Every situation is different, so it’s essential to have a better understanding of what waterproofing problems are present in your basement. An effective waterproofing system uses several methods to keep the water away from the basement, which include:

Interior Waterproofing

Typically, an interior waterproofing method is the most affordable and easiest. It starts with ensuring that holes or cracks in your basement floors, walls, and around doors and windows, are watertight and properly sealed. Water often makes its way into your basement through cracks, so sealing them properly is the first thing to do to ensure that your basement stays dry.

Exterior Waterproofing

In terms of wet basements, the main cause of the problem is usually located outside of your house. So, when it is time to waterproof your basement, it’s crucial to look outside the basement walls. Typically, exterior waterproofing is a bigger undertaking than the usual sealing process.

Bottom Line

There are various issues that you can prevent from considering basement waterproofing. Such issues may result in serious damage, expensive repairs, and unsanitary living conditions. If you experience frequent flooding or water damage in your basement, it is best to call a basement waterproofing expert as soon as possible since professionals can remove any standing water before it results in serious mold growth or damage.

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