Why Big Trees Next To Your Home Can Cause Issues

Trees and bushes in your yard can add value, beauty, and comfort to your home. However, they also can cause problems if they are too close to your home and can even make or break people’s decision to purchase a home.

Why Big Trees Next To Your Home Can Cause Issues

If you are on the hunt and looking for Burlington houses for sale, you should always look at the foliage, especially the trees on the property. You may even need to bring in an expert if you aren’t sure about the yard to make sure that you aren’t’ setting yourself up for future headaches.

Branches & Leaves

You definitely need to check if a tree is too close to your or your potential home. If the tree is hanging over your house or has branches touching the roof, it is most likely too close. A tree being so close to a home welcomes falling debris such as leaves, twigs and acorns which can fall into the gutter causing clogs. High winds or bad storms can cause branches to fall which could damage your roof or shutters or even cause shingles and gutters to become loose and fall off your house. If a tree is close to the home, the likeliness of a branch breaking a window or even collapsing your roof increases as does your concern for your family’s safety.

Root System

A large tree next to your home would mean there are also large and expanding roots near your home as well. The spread of a tree’s roots could cause even more damage than the height of the tree and since roots are underground, their problems go unnoticed by homeowners for much longer than a visible problem with the tree. A tree’s roots can damage your home’s foundation which results in cracked walls and uneven floors in the home. They also can cause driveways to heave, damage the septic system and even cause pipes to crack or burst.


Trees close to your home can also attract insects including termites. Termites do usually feast on dead wood or building materials but they sometimes eat the roots of living trees. If they find the trees near your home tasty and when they’re done they will move onto your home. Also, a tree that is too close to your home and touches your roof, it can provide an easy avenue for insects to enter your home.


Your yard is an important part of your home and it creates a calm and welcoming atmosphere and the right combination of shrubs, plants, flowers and trees can create a beautiful oasis. However, you should do your research about what trees to plant and how close you should plant your trees to your home and driveway. You can always contact a local arborist, like RTS (Reiners Tree Services) before planting trees to make sure you plant the correct trees in the correct area.

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