Why Buy A Memory Foam Mattress

When we think about the ideal mattress, we want something that covers every conceivable need we may have. But a memory foam mattress can take those needs even further. The beauty of these mattresses is not so much if they can meet all your needs, but how they can meet all your needs. A query we look into with our rundown as to why buy a memory foam mattress.

Accounting for Every Position

Whether you prefer sleeping on your back, front or side, the foam molds itself based on those positionings. If you’re a back sleeper, then the memory foam will curve around your spine, side sleepers can feel their hips and shoulders accommodated and still feel some support around the waist, and the stomach sleepers will help the back maintain its shape without hitting on the painful pressure points.

Allergy Attacker

If you’re a sleeper who struggles with allergic reactions, no doubt this will have found a way to disturb your sleep on multiple occasions. Dust mites (the bane of indoor allergies)  have a lessened chance of settling into your mattress on account of the denser material. It can also fight off allergies like mold, pet dander wool and fiber.

Movement is Managed

Sometimes if we’re moving about in bed, we can feel the mattress moving with us and can at times, be a little disorienting. But with the memory foam mattress, rather than follow you wherever you go, the movement is isolated to that particular area, only returning to its original shape at a very gradual pace.

Pain Relief

If you struggle from mild bouts of chronic pain or some other bout of injury. If a sleeper should struggle with a hindering condition such as arthritis, then the memory foam will distribute the weight evenly, taking the pressure off the hips, shoulders and back, reducing pain, and thereby leading to a more relaxed night’s sleep.

Swift Maintenance

When it comes to mattress protection, it can feel like a long and arduous task that feels more like ‘renovation’ than ‘protection’. But the beauty of the memory foam mattress is that it is fairly easy to maintain, due to lack of the springs and electronic parts, some of the things that make mattress care that little bit more difficult. Here, all the mattress needs is the occasional rotating and regular vacuuming.

Lengthy Lifespan

The average lifespan for a mattress has been said to be 7-10 years. Some memory foam mattresses are manufactured with a high density. Density ensures durability, and durability promises quality. If you know how to look after your mattress properly and you have one with a high density, then there’s a chance you could be holding onto that mattress until the tail end of that average lifespan. It may be expensive, but the extra years of quality sleep you will get out of it will make it well worth the extra money.

Some of these needs may have already crossed your mind, others may have only just been brought to your attention. But hopefully, you’ve been given enough food for thought to persuade you why the memory foam mattress is ideal not just for your need, but for every need you might have.

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