Why Buy a Rust Proof Ceiling Lamp

Why Buy a Rust Proof Ceiling Lamp

Ceiling lights are the light fixtures mounted on ceilings or enclosed in the ceiling. They play a very vital role in making a good ambiance of the place. When installed properly, it should be a project completed with any complications. Ceiling lights installed in an open environment begin rusting on their surfaces by exposure to air or water. This makes it important to use rust proof ceiling lights, especially around your porch, patio or pool. Let’s find out why:

 What Causes Rust

Rusting occurs when an iron or its alloys such as steel is exposed to the moisture (water) and oxygen for a little longer period. It causes the weakening of metal bonds. According to some standards, Corrosion resistant lights should be used to stay safe from corrosion. Ceiling lights are hanged commonly in an open environment and that’s why they are very prone to rusting.


Some people use few chemical substances for cleaning purposes but they can cause rusting over the lights. However, using water, salt, bleach or vinegar speeds up the process of rusting. Rusting develops most with bleach water, then with normal water and then with salt water.


Rusting is basically a natural electrochemical process which appears when metal reaches their unrefined state. Moisture, iron and oxygen are occurring naturally and present in our environment (outdoor and indoor both) and they contribute to rusting. Fluctuation in temperature speeds up the rusting process. Oxygen and iron are reversely charged and that’s why innately they attract each other likely oppositely charged magnets. And when they combine, a natural process occurs, in which iron losses its electrons and attains oxygen atoms. This process is actually called oxidation. And due to this chemical reaction, ferric oxide(rust) is formed.

With steel or iron made lighting the, iron gets rust as they form hydrated iron oxide when they come in contact with moisture in the environment or water or oxygen. Rusting cannot take place without the presence of oxygen and water. Water breaks the oxygen molecule and causes the iron to react with oxygen. In the beginning stages of rusting, iron starts losing its electrons and oxygen starts gaining them.

The presence of ferric and ferrous ions will cause them to react with water and form ferrous hydroxide. Then these hydroxides will start to lose their water and make more of the iron compounds. When all these chemical reactions sum up, they cause the iron to flake so that when it falls off from the iron and comes in contact with other iron, it also causes them to rust. Rust on the surface continues the process creating more and more rust over time.

Not The Look You Hoped For

If a light fixture is rusted naturally through this process, it doesn’t look as you hope it would when it was first installed. Rust is not only unappealing to look at but it also causes deterioration and decay and makes substance weak, crumbly and flaky. What’s worse is the rust damages the surrounding area with stains. When a rusted light gets wet, the rust runs off in the water onto the ceiling or floor.

The Solution

But is not necessary that all ceiling lights will rust. If they are completely made up of glass, or aluminum with a protective layer of aluminum oxide, then they will not rust. More over, rustproof ceiling lights are the best solution.

If you are buying an outdoor ceiling light then it is vulnerable to wind and moisture. Since your outdoor areas are prone to rusting regular ceiling lights, installing rustproof lights saves you money and the hassle or replacing rusted lights. Claxy carries a line of rustproof ceiling lights. Their non-corrosive lighting fixtures are designed to withstand temperature and moisture changes. These rustproof ceiling lights are designed with special features to combat against corrosion.

This makes them good all weather especially in coastal areas where the presence of salt and water in the environment can cause corrosion of metal very quickly. They are coated with peculiar rustproof material. With all these qualities and standard designing these ceiling lights are ready to beat all other competitors. These ceiling lights come in various designs, built to offer many years of performance. Click to check: www.claxy.com/color/rust/. Our wide variety of rust proof ceiling lights, with functional and decorative composition, ensures that you will find the right choice for your use.

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