Why Cats Make the Best Pets

Many people will not agree if you proclaim that cats are the best of all pets. Compared to dogs, they have little quirks that some people may find annoying, and in terms of loyalty, dogs may have moggies covered! However, when you look over all the facts, it’s fair to say that cats actually do make the best pets.

We know not everyone will agree, but here is why a cat is the most preferred companion.

Why Cats Make the Best Pets

Cats go easy on guests

A lot of people think dogs are friendly but the majority of them get quite defensive – and even angry – when confronted with new people in their home. Strangers are a threat to a dogs kingdom and they usually act accordingly. This can be quite threatening to someone coming over to your house for the first time. While it might be useful having an angry barking dog if there’s someone at the door trying to sell you stuff, it can get quite uncomfortable for a friend visiting. Especially if they have a phobia of dogs!

A cat can be quite snobby and will actually hide from new guests and won’t pay them any attention. So, you don’t have to worry about being attacked or threatened. And once they warm up to you, they can be beautiful loving creatures. Thus, so many people feel so comfortable with this pet. A cat respects people’s personal space and will remain discreetly out of sight while taking a glimpse of them from the windowsill or in their cat cave– what an amazing animal to keep at home. Especially grown cats, where as kittens are more entertaining.

They have immaculate personal hygiene

You can give dogs a million baths and even use strong scented shampoo on them, but there is some natural odor that seems to never go away. Furthermore, sometimes you wonder why you even bother washing him in the first place when you see him rolling around in filth 20 minutes after getting clean!

However, cats whether domestic or wild, spend almost all of their waking hours grooming. For a cat, it’s not an obsessive-compulsive disorder but rather the habit of a cleanliness freak that comes automatically. They also can be trained to go to the bathroom in kitty litter, whereas a dog needs to be taken for a walk, which can get quite tiring in the middle of the night!

Cats observe lovable silence

For the cat, silence is golden; she finds pride in being laid back. That constant “meowing” is not something you’ll find in most breeds. It will only signal you when hungry or when she wants to go outside. Beyond that, the cat maintains its dignity, which is registered in silence. Compare that to a dog, who often barks during all hours of the night, annoying not only your family but the surrounding neighbors. Training a dog can be expensive and using a shock collar to make them quiet can be cruel.

Kerrie from Bayside Cat Resort in Melbourne looks after hundreds of cats every year. “We love the fact that they are all so quiet, which makes our cattery peaceful”, she said.

Cats are perfect in keeping away unwanted pests

Rodents and other pests can be very annoying around the house. Not only do they carry diseases that could infect your family, rats and other vermin can cause damage in your home, chewing through wires and eating important items. When a cat is not sleeping or licking itself, you will find it hunting such animals thanks to its innate behaviours. This is something that makes it a perfect pet to keep in the house. You won’t see a dog chasing off rats!

Having a cat as a pet is one of the best things you can ever have at home. It is the perfect companion for elderly people and an ideal playmate for a family of all ages.

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