Why Do Fishermen Go Fishing at Night?

Why Do Fishermen Go Fishing at Night

While fishing at night isn’t necessarily easier than during the day, it does eliminate the sun as a fish-repelling factor. With sunlight illuminating the water, the fish swimming by can see you as much as or even better than you can see them. Thus, fish tend to swim away from your boat in the day more than they would at night.

This review of Rocket Fishing Rod shows how some tools can improve your night fishing experience. But that’s just one reason to fish at night. There are a few more we’ll be discussing today that could make you want to wait until the sun goes down before hitting the lake or river.

Reasons To Fish at Night

You may be hesitant to fish at night at first, but once you find out the following advantages await, that may no longer be the case:

1. More Fish Are Active at Night

Nighttime is usually when fish come alive. Whether to breed, feed, or swim around, they’re generally more active after the sun sets. Hence, there will still be plenty to come by even if you end up startling some away.

Night fishing gives you a lot of time to set up lures and leads more fish to the nets. It allows you to leverage moonlight for catching fish since its illumination makes it easier for the animals to spot bait. This tends to be the reason anglers advise against fishing the day after a full moon.

The fish is practically spent and well-fed from the night before and isn’t likely to respond to your efforts. That said, it should provide fishermen the opportunity to get off their vessels and fish in the water.

Another reason fish activity increases at night is the lowering down of the water temperature. Summer nights, in particular, offer night fishing enthusiasts the perfect opportunity to haul in an abundant catch.

The period between sunrise and sunset on these nights are peak fishing periods. Twilight should be a good time, too, though so few anglers choose to take advantage of this interval.

2. Economical Fishing

While this is up for debate, many anglers agree that you save more money fishing at night than you do during the day. The light of day tempts fish into open water to forage for food, while moonlight keeps them within accessible waters. Hence, there may be no need to spend money on deepwater gear, which tends to be more high-end and, therefore, expensive.

3. Fishing at Night Is Safe

While it’s not an activity we would say is “safer” than day fishing, there are definitely safe ways to go fishing after sunset. First, know what you’re doing.

Being experienced at day fishing doesn’t equate to knowing the safety measures for fishing at night. You could get bit taking this reckless route.

When you know what’s to come and are ready for it, fishing in the dark should be significantly easier and safer. From small catfish to big bass, these often elusive fish should still be within your radar when you’re aware of the drill. After all, moonlight has a way of bringing these species out from the darkness and putting them in a “trance” long enough for you to strike.

That said, some of the smaller species could still slip through your fingers.

Another key to fishing safely at night is to bring flashlights. Moonlight can provide enough illumination for fish, but not always for you. Aside from helping you spot fish, these handy tools can also keep your fishing spot well-lit.

It would also be a good idea to bring a few extra clothes and a pair of waterproof fishing shoes with you. You should be prepared for any scenario when night fishing, and getting wet is one of them.

Bring food, too! No one wants to fish on an empty stomach.

4. Minimal Competition

You’ll have close to zero competition when fishing in the dark. For one, people simply aren’t active at night.

Even you, an avid fishing enthusiast, won’t make a habit of fishing after dark. That’s not how we humans roll. Then again, you are in the water now, so you might as well take advantage of all the empty fishing spots.

When you’re the lone vessel out there, the prime fishing areas are yours for the taking. You can explore them the entire night until sunrise if you’re up for it.

Grab Your Stuff and Fish Like a Vampire

Our nocturnal instincts kick in every once in a while, and we feel like hunting prey at night. For anglers, it’s off to the water to try their luck on some of their favorite bass and catfish.

These nocturnal fish spawn, breed, and feed mostly at night, making them accessible prey when the sun goes down. That and other factors aligning should make for a successful night fishing excursion.

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