Why Do You Require a Professional Tree Surgeon for Stump Removal?

Why Do You Require a Professional Tree Surgeon for Stump Removal?

There are over 1750 houses in Southampton and over 93% of these houses have at least one tree in their yards. If you are looking for the best methods to remove stumps from your property, consider hiring arboricultural experts. These professionals work to British standards and have access to the best equipment and techniques to get the job done.

They will either grind the stumps down or use eco plugs to remove them from your property. Tree surgeons also use several other proven techniques to ensure your property is free of stumps.

The best part of hiring a reliable Southampton based tree surgeon is that they clean up the property after finishing the task. However, before you hire a tree surgeon, it’s vital to check if they have the necessary licenses and other qualifications to carry out the job at hand.

Prevent Potential Issues

It’s vital to remove tree stumps after trees fall or are felled. Otherwise, you may have to deal with issues like suckering or even fungal root rots. The rotting can attract pests and insects to your property and trigger infestations.

Experts assert that the presence of rotting tree stumps in your property can even cause diseases. It can also instigate accidents and other issues, especially if you have kids or pets or the stump near your driveway. Professional tree surgeons can help you avoid these potential issues and ensure your safety.

Meet Legal Standards

The professionals will carry out the stump removal job to British standards and ensure you face no legal issues or damages later.

They use the best NPTC equipment for tree stump removal services. So hiring these professionals is essential from a legal perspective as well. This is a fact you should ideally establish before you hire tree health professionals for stump removal services.

Use Best Tools and Equipment

Tree surgeons need the best tools and equipment for stump removal. These professionals have access to the best tools to carry out the job, from chainsaws to trucks to standard handheld hammers.

When looking for professionals specialising in tree surgery, it’s best to avoid public service companies and companies that won’t give you a formal, written quote. Also, check if the Southampton-based tree surgeon holds at least NPTC units like CS30 and CS38. They also use the latest stump removal tools and technology to carry out the stump removal job to perfection.

Qualified to Do the Job

These professionals usually hold LANTRA certifications and other qualifications that prove they are suitable for the job. Also, check that the tree surgeons have wood chipper and stump grinder certifications since both are relevant to the task.

Additionally, the experts usually have the necessary certifications to handle the rope and chainsaw. These experts are licensed and insured to offer tree and stump removal services. They also adhere to relevant trading standards.

More importantly, these professionals have the required experience and expertise to carry out the stump removal job.

Wrapping Up

Stump removal is not a viable DIY activity. You could sustain severe injuries and inflict harm on your property by attempting to do it yourself. So, it is always advisable to call a professional tree surgeon for stump removal to avoid any mishappenings.

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