Why Frameless Shower Screens Are A Favorite With Designers

Why Frameless Shower Screens Are a Favorite with Designers

Shower screens are a popular alternative to sliding shower doors. They offer much more weight capacity and are more affordable, so they suit small and larger homes alike. Frameless fixed tiles also look very attractive, as they are visually appealing and make the shower area appear larger than it is. Plus, unlike shower doors, the entire contact surface between the door and the wall is eliminated, which can significantly increase the strength, making them perfect for those with children.

Frameless shower screens and doors can work wonders in a newly built apartment or home. If you are in the process of redesigning a bathroom, it is highly recommended to consider replicating the contemporary feel with a frameless shower screen. These modern shower screens not only make your bathroom feel larger but also add a certain level of immersion due to their visual opacity.

Let’s see the reasons to have one in your washroom.

Enhance the look of the shower area

There are a lot of factors that play a role in improving looks, including the framing. These screens can function as a standard door. Since frameless shower screens are so distinctive, it’s easy to get the impression they cost more than the other option. Installing frameless shower screens is a great way to refresh your bathroom. There are many aspects of this choice that might surprise you. This can include adding a touch of elegance for fashion or to get a bit more functionality. Frameless Shower Screens are a tool you can use to give your bathroom a facelift without having to spend thousands of dollars. Also, consider Frameless Shower Screens at Fontaine Industries.

Size and design

They are easy to maintain and provide the desired amount of privacy while bathing, and they help increase the available floor space in the bathroom. They offer a sleek, stylish look and can add an additional pop to your bathroom décor. As low-profile units that require no major framing for installation, frameless doors take up little space and are designed to fit any shower size. Many consumers these days prefer frameless shower screens over the traditional framed variety.

Energy saver

Think of it as opening windows to the outside while you shower. Frameless Glass Shower Screens bring the outside in, creating an experience that feels like a private day at the beach. Natural light is a very important aspect of the home’s interior design. It gives life to a room and allows you to fully enjoy its beauty during the day as it illuminates the space. However, sometimes you just want to have some privacy, and for those times, frameless glass shower screens are perfect.  They help create a sense of openness while still giving you the privacy you might need in your bathroom.

Rust free

Who wants a rusty shower screen? Nobody. I’d hate to look at my screen with rust holes and think about how much money I wasted paying for a product that rusted away in my bathrooms.

No matter how well-maintained your bathroom, pipes and shower screens are still prone to rust. If you live in a humid place or don’t like the sight of rust stains on the inside of your shower screen, consider having a frameless one installed. Despite having no screws, hinges, or metal frames, frameless shower screens stay firmly in place as water from the shower hits them.

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