Why Get Pest Control in Maple Ridge

Wild animals, rodents, insects, and a lot more can do damage to the homes and the gardens in Maple Ridge. Most people don’t want these animals to be around their house because they can spread disease or chew on wires.

Fortunately, there are pest control companies in Maple Ridge that can help many homeowners to exterminate or control some of the pests inside their homes. You can learn more about these companies when you click on the link.

Harmful Pests

Mice and Rats

Rats live in sewers, garbage cans, and dirty environments. When they find their way inside a house, they can gnaw on anything, including furniture, books, electrical wires, and fabric. Their droppings and urine can also cause diseases. They reproduce very quickly, so when they found that your home is a warm and comfortable nest, you are in for trouble.


Bedbugs can be found in many sheets and pillows of many households. When you can’t control them, their bites can be painful. You won’t be able to sleep at night, and your children may experience itching and skin irritation if these pests are not treated early.


These insects feed on blood. They can also cause diseases such as malaria or dengue. The bites are often itchy, painful, and cause redness. When there are no efforts to control them, the house will be an uncomfortable place to live in.


Termites often live on wood, and they cause billion-dollar damages to many households around the world. They eat on the structures of the home, such as posts, wall studs, ceiling hoists, and more. When there are swarms, discarded wings, or swollen floors, then this is the best time to call in the experts. You can know more about termites here: https://entomology.ca.uky.edu/ef604.


Roaches are known to get into everything. They crawl from dark places to anything inside the home. They can spread diseases such as Salmonellosis. Their abilities to hide during the daytime and appear during the night to look for food means that they are less seen. When you don’t exterminate your home with these critters, their population will balloon out, and they can cause significant harm in the house.


Flies are pesky, and they came from every dirty surface inside and outside the home. They can transmit diseases and bacteria, such as E. Coli, Salmonella, and Shigella. Their feces can contaminate food, and they also vomit to digest their food, which can give you more than enough reason to exterminate them.


There are wildlife animals such as raccoons that dig on tomato patches for food. They can seek shelter inside the attics, and their bites can cause diseases. These wild animals can also be aggressive when approached in the wrong way. They can scratch you if you don’t find a way to evict them.

Why You Need Pest Control Services

Professionals Can Deal with Dangerous Pests

Most pets can turn aggressive when cornered, such as the case of raccoons. With the right tools and techniques, an exterminator will be able to remove the wild animals in your shed or attic without harming themselves. This can bring peace of mind to you since you won’t have to set traps and risk getting bites.

Professionals invest a lot of time in learning how to get rid of pests without harming themselves. They can assess the information and remedy the problems in the fastest possible time. Some of them are insured, and you won’t have to pay for medical expenses if bite incidents happen. Bites and other accidents rarely happen anyway since you are dealing with pros who have plenty of experience dealing with these kinds of things.

Save Lots of Money

By preventing infestation and removing termites, you can save money from rebuilding walls or floors. You can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars when you don’t control pests on time. Aside from these, you may spend on medical bills because of diseases that come from rats. When an infestation also reaches a certain point, it can be hard to control them, and you have no choice but to relocate. Prevention is better than cure. Preventing repairs is much better than getting sick or the house catching fire because of gnawed wires.

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