Why Glass Railings Make the Best Pool Fences for Your Home

Pool fences are necessary not just because they look amazing thanks to the many different designs and materials available, but also because they allow you to make sure your pool is a safe space for everyone.

They help make your pool secure and avoid accidents without breaking the bank. What’s more, they add aesthetic value to your pool area because they look amazing.

That’s why today we will take a look at all the different types of pool fences to understand why they are the best. They don’t only look amazing, they’re also one of the most popular options out there, and for good reason!

Most Popular Types of Pool Fences

There are many different types of pool fences you can choose from, but three of them seem to stand out above the others since they’re the most common ones.

1. Removable mesh pool fences

This is one of the most popular types of pool fences in the market and people prefer them because they’re easy to use, removable, and transparent. Because mesh fencing must meet certain standards in most countries, it’s one of the safest pool fences. Plus, they’re versatile, durable and inexpensive, making it one of the most convenient options.

2. Glass panel pool fences

Glass railing and glass panels for pool fences are made from tempered glass, which makes it one of the most durable options. They’re also very modern because of their transparency. However, do keep in mind that they’re a bit more expensive and they’re difficult to keep clean.

They are for pools are made of glass panels which are clamped onto spigots made of stainless steel. They can be framed or not, it’s up to you, and the fences are made of thick glass. This allows the glass to not only be durable but to sustain the impact of any debris that the wind may carry. They’re a lovely option not just because of the modern elegance they create, but also because they allow light to flow in and they provide an unobstructed view of your pool and your backyard area.

3. Vertical bar pool fences

Last but not least, we have vertical bar pool fences, which are the most versatile option. They can be made of different materials, including wood, vinyl, and aluminum. This means they’re a very customizable option.

How to Decide on the Best Pool Fence

If you can’t decide which pool fence is the right fit for you, let’s consider a few factors. First, you need to think about your budget. If you want to keep your expenses minimal, consider inexpensive materials such as wood, metal, and vinyl, as well as tubular designs, which are the cheapest. Glass panels, are also an inexpensive material for pool fences, and they look the best!

Second, consider color. For most homeowners, colors is actually an important feature because it will complement décor and landscape. Colors such as black, brown and beige are quite popular. But many prefer the elegance of transparency, which glass panels and glass railing System can provide.

Third, consider how much maintenance your pool fence will require. Why? Because this will affect your expenses in the long term, plus, it’s a good idea to save yourself time in this department. Glass pool fences and glass railing will require you to wash them regularly to keep a clean look.

By considering these three factors, it will be easier for you to choose the right kind of pool fencing.

Pros of Glass Railings as Pool Fences

If you’re not convinced by aesthetic or low prices, then these pros of glass railings a pool fences might do the trick.

  • One of the many different benefits of glass railings is that they allow you to get an unobstructed, clear view of your pool, even from a distance. This means you’ll be able to keep an eye on your children when they’re using the pool, which is essential.
  • Another great benefit is that glass is super elegant, which is why it’s such a popular material in interior design. They can complement any kind of pool you might have at home and it will not steal the pool’s thunder. On the contrary, it will make the pool look better and cleaner.
  • Glass is a great material for pool fences because they’re not as damaged by water as metals or wood. In fact, glass is the most durable material you can choose for your pool fences because it will resist the elements beautifully and it won’t corrode or look rusty as time passes.
  • They are not only durable, but they’re also sturdy because they’re usually made from tempered glass, which is virtually unbreakable as it can withstand heavy winds and impact to a certain point. Plus, this material has a long life span, so it’s a great investment.
  • One of the drawbacks of glass railings is that they need to be cleaned regularly because they get dirty quite easily. However, cleaning the smooth surface of tempered glass is as easy as it can be. Plus, you won’t need to take any additional precautions because glass is sturdy and durable, so it won’t be as affected as other materials.
  • They can also make your pool space look larger than it is. This is one of the most common reasons why this material is so commonly used in interior design, and the same applies to its use outdoors. If you have a small backyard and pool, this kind of pool fencing will allow you to create the illusion of more space without breaking the bank.

Popular Materials for Pool Fences

Among the most popular materials for pool fences, we have aluminum, which is highly durable and it won’t rust. There’s also glass, which has a long life span, looks amazing, is super versatile, and provides safety.

Mesh pool fences are also quite common because it’s a strong material. Wrought iron is another great material because of durability and elegance. Wood is another common material because it’s versatile and durable if you take good care of it.

Final Words

There are many wonderful types of pool fencing available on the market, but glass railings really do make the best option.
They’re inexpensive, they look incredible, they’re super versatile, meaning you can adjust it to any kind of design, they’re easy to clean, elegant, durable and sturdy, and they provide safety. In other words, they’re the best pool fencing money can buy!

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