Why is Rattan Furniture Such a Popular Choice?


Why is Rattan Furniture Such a Popular Choice

A trendy purchase seen on many patios and outdoor spaces is rattan furniture. People can find storage, couches, and more using this material. It is high maintenance, so why is it so popular with homeowners?

Recognizable and Stylish

Garden rattan furniture is easy to spot and carries a sophisticated appearance. The fact that it blends a country look with modernism desired by many allows it to stay trendy for years. The woven fabric adds a touch of elegance to any space, and the cushions add comfort. It is the pillows that allow a homeowner to customize the furniture to match any season or gathering. Regardless of what color scheme you select for your space, you can find rattan pieces to match.

Very Strong Material

Synthetic rattan furniture is made to be strong. This is not to say that natural pieces are not solid; they are just weakened when exposed to the elements. If you use naturally made on screened-in porches or patios with covers, you will find they last just as long. The length of life depends on what types of materials were used in the construction process.


It is best to store rattan furniture such as black and white buffets indoors when not in use, so it is a good thing they are lightweight. The weight does not lessen the strength of the fibers. Part of why this material is popular is due to the ability to move pieces around until you are happy with how space looks. People also can adjust the seating when wanting to sit closer to tables or another person.

Works Indoors and Outside

The material becomes popular with versatility, and rattan meets those demands. They can be used both indoors and outside to complete looks. Natural fiber does best decorating inside living spaces (such as living rooms or screened-in patios), while synthetic works in both areas. For many homeowners, the appearance can blend spaces making smooth transitions going from inside out.

Eco-Friendly Furniture Option

If you are looking for ways to live more eco-friendly, rattan furniture is an optimal answer. Synthetic pieces can be recycled after it is no longer usable by melting down and reshaping. However, the natural material is biodegradable and will not fill the landfill. There are small concerns about the over-farming of the fibers, so make sure you know where the piece is constructed.

Synthetic Rattan is Durable

The final reason why rattan furniture is so popular is due to the synthetic version available on the market. Natural fibers are sensitive to weather and sun, but man-made fibers are weatherproof. Rain or shine, you do not need to do anything special to your pieces. You can clean the mess left behind quickly using a washrag and towel. Due to its durability, it has a long lifespan of five to ten years.

This furniture does cost more than other materials on the market. However, you are rewarded with a classy look that is durable, eco-friendly, lightweight, and works in any space. Sometimes it pays to spend a little more to have pieces you can enjoy for nearly a decade.

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