Why Paper Samples Form the Backbone of Your Academic Writing Perception


Writing academic papers is a captivating yet challenging process that often puzzles students, making them seek solid essay writing help online from services like GPALabs. And what every self-respectful and progressive student needs to do is get the hang of this sophisticated craft. What is an effective avenue of harnessing academic writing, then?

Based on the numerous examples from the radiant lives of college kids, one of the killer methods to fathom the art of scholarly writing is perusing paper samples. And what makes the whole thing enjoyable is the fancy topic of the sample you’re scanning. That being said, an experienced writer developed a comprehensive, joyous paper sample that will not only help you come to grips with academic writing, but also appeal to your cherished childhood memories!

Disneyland Marketing

“Because any business’s purpose is to create a customer, the entrepreneurs have two basic functions: marketing and innovation”. Indeed, it is hard to come up with more important things for your business development than proper marketing. A great example of successful marketing in the modern era is The Walt Disney Company. In this paper, I would like to describe two not obvious, but effective ways how Disney Parks attract clients.

Each Disney Park tries to convince you that the fantastic things and characters are real, and Disneyland is the only place where you can meet them. Fantasyland’s cast members are not allowed to wear their special costumes, not in the right exhibitions. The “business” areas of Disneyland, like loading zones or cleaning rooms, are well hidden from visitors in “offstage” areas. Cast members are strictly forbidden to remove their masks in front of any guests. Also, two Mickey is never allowed to be in view at once because there’s only one Mickey Mouse, of course. Such rules create a special “atmosphere” in Disneyland. The Disney company sells not a show with costumes but a special atmosphere of a fairy tale.

The majority of Disneyland visitors are families. Yes, all of Disney Park’s entertainment is aimed towards a children’s audience, and it seems that adults have nothing to do in there. But, in my opinion, parents pursue other goals than hanging out with Mickey Mouse. Nothing warms mother’s or father’s heart like a smile on the kid’s face. Disneyland really provides an opportunity for parents to see their kids having one of the best days in their lives so far. Disneyland marketing does a good job by selling not products but dreams, even if these dreams are completely different.

Marketing is the foundation of any company’s success. Not many corporations in the world do a better job in this field than Disney. Disneyland’s marketing does a good job of identifying the target audience and fulfilling its requests. There are many things in Disney marketing that you can use in your business to make it better, regardless of the industry where it is represented.

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