Why Proper Maintenance Of High Voltage Insulators Are Essential

An electrical insulator is a system that prevents the unwanted flow of current from its supporting points to the earth. These insulators are of different classes and made of different materials. High voltage insulators are used as a mechanical support in almost all the transmission systems and distribution lines. Used in transmission lines of power plants, industries, and power utilities, these provide resistance and prevent line damage.

Importance Of Upkeep Of High-voltage Insulators

The primary function of a high-voltage insulator is, they are highly durable and can withstand a great amount of stress. But its durability is greatly decreased when it is not maintained properly or there is too much heat. It can also breakdown when there is corrosion or contamination. Instead of reactive maintenance which means fixing problems as they come, proactive upkeep is vital. That will ensure the operational costs do not rise or risk the failure of the system. Apart from these, through good maintenance of high voltage insulators you can also;

Increase Safety

High-voltage outdoor insulators can flashover even when it is at working voltage as it gets polluted, wet and contaminated. This can be prevented and the life of the high-voltage insulators can be increased when it is cleaned regularly and properly. By doing so, the component becomes more durable and increases reliability. This, in turn, helps the business to thrive as there is less risk of flashovers.

Reduce Contamination

It is essential to remove the contaminants accumulated in outdoor high-voltage insulators to not just make it safe but also to increase the life of the component. Cement, grease and salt deposits are some of the tough contaminants to remove. A combination of products like cleaning paste, abrasive cleaning product or high-pressure water is used to remove the contaminants and keep the insulator in great shape.

Fix minor issues

Like all other electrical devices, these high-voltage insulators also need regular maintenance. This would ensure that minor issues are found and fixed here before it becomes a major problem. Among the maintenance activities, cleaning is the most important one as it removes the contaminants which can lead to power failure and disruption of activities.

Reduce transmission trips

Cleaning of high-voltage insulators aids in reducing transmission trips that damages the components. When maintained properly, it can protect the electrical equipment from damage. Another reason for the upkeep of these insulators is that grease, pollution, and other factors greatly affect the ability for it to work optimally.

Reduce operational costs

By taking a proactive approach to maintenance you are not only ensuring that the power distribution system is healthy, but also reduces the operational costs. Periodic cleaning, regular inspection, repair, and replacement of faulty parts ensures that there is less chance of breakdown and improves productivity.

A high-voltage insulator is a robust component which does not need a lot of upkeep. A bi-annual or annual cleaning is enough to increase its lifespan by many years. Finding an experienced and reliable cleaning service that can maintain this expensive component is essential.

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