Why Serviced Apartments are Perfect for Your First Couples Holiday

Booking your first holiday together as a couple is always a fun experience. But the accommodation that you stay in can make or break the experience. From hotels to hostels, villas, and serviced apartments, there’s no shortage of accommodation options to choose from when you’re booking your first trip away together. In Australia, don’t discount Urban Rest from your consideration. You’ll want somewhere that’s comfortable, has enough space for the two of you to enjoy, a decent amount of facilities and amenities, and close proximity to everything that you want to do during your trip. A serviced apartment can make an ideal choice for your first holiday together as a couple, and here’s why:

Plenty of Space

Whether you’ve not been dating for a long time or have been living together for a while, the last thing that you want is to end up staying somewhere where you are always under each other’s feet. Lots of couples report that their holiday becomes a source of tension when they are constantly around the other person, and as much as you love each other, having your own space and a bit of privacy is always welcomed. A serviced apartment offers a lot more space than a standard hotel room, so if you want some ‘me time’, you can chill out in the living room or dining room for a while.

Self-Catering Options

Going out to eat at every mealtime can get really expensive, and unless you find a good all-inclusive deal, that’s usually your only option when staying in a hotel or a hostel. The good thing about serviced apartments like Dream Apartments is that they provide a home-from-home experience and your apartment will come with a fully-fitted, well-stocked kitchen, so if you want to save money or just can’t be bothered getting dressed to go out and find somewhere to eat, you can cook for yourselves at your accommodation.

Hotel-Like Services

Don’t be fooled into thinking that serviced apartments are nothing like hotels. In fact, they often offer all the good stuff that you’d expect, with more on top. Many serviced apartments have a 24-hour reception desk where you can leave your luggage, get advice on the best things to do in the area, and book taxis and tours. Some serviced apartments even have on-site pools and gyms that you can take advantage of as a guest, and you’ll have somebody come to clean your apartment and change the bedding and towels daily too.

It’s Affordable:

Last but not least, compared to booking another type of private accommodation like a holiday cottage or a villa, a serviced apartment can be very affordable. Generally speaking, prices for serviced apartments are around the same as what you’d expect to pay for a hotel per night, but you get so much more for your money. And if you need an apartment for several months, there are huge savings to be made.

Booking your first holiday together as a couple is a really exciting time in your relationship. Wherever you’re planning to visit, a serviced apartment can make the perfect choice of accommodation for couples looking for a relaxing and romantic stay.

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