Why Visiting Atlanta is a Must

Why Visiting Atlanta is a Must

Atlanta is an exceptional place to explore given the city has people in different colors having a great time together. It is the 7th most visited city in the United States of America and has more than 30 million visitors every year. The city, in particular, has a lot to offer with astonishing variety in terms of food, clothes, malls, restaurants and different types of tourist attractions.

Atlanta has to be on your list of places to explore because it is phenomenal from the first corner to the fourth with its polished history, exquisite culture, and variety. It was once regarded as the “City that is too busy to hate” and that is true seeing that it is a commercial hub with heterogeneity. Let us discover the places that are essential to visit in Atlanta.

Centennial Olympic Park

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Atlanta is the Centennial Olympic Park with history attached to it. The Olympic Park is best known for the Olympics that it hosted back in 1996 to the point where the tournament is actually called the “Atlanta Olympics”. It provides a wide array of activities for tourists, families, locals, visitors, and attendees. There is a lot to do at the park that will consume half your day.

Start off by taking a picture in front of the ring’s sculpture. Taking the audio walking tour is a must for obvious reasons, it is a great opportunity to learn about the historical and memorable events of the Olympics, blasts of original music teach you about the architecture and construction of the monuments along with fun games. The best time to visit the park would be around the time where festivals are being hosted to enjoy it to the fullest.

High Museum of Art

Regarded as the southeast’s most renowned museum, the high museum of art is a wonderful place to explore, flexing art from the likes of Renzo Piano and Richard Meier. The place is packed with different activities and showings, it is a wonderful place to visit with your family. The HMA hosts a number of exhibitions, collections with good dining with numerous options.

It happens to be full of photography along with more than 15,000 pieces of European, American, and African folk art. The Museum hosts exhibitions every year so there will always be time to visit. Don’t miss Friday jazz night! It is held every third week of the month.

World of Coca-Cola

The name itself gives a sense of excitement, doesn’t it? If you love Coca-Cola (which we all do) then the world of Coca-Cola cannot be missed at any cost. Explore all artifacts around the museum and mix your own fizzy drink recipe. History is trapped in the world of Coca-Cola because it is truly a place of memories, you can reminisce about all Coca-Cola advertisements all over these years, all the different bottles and their shapes along with discovering the bottling process.

The gift shop is extraordinary with tons to offer but the best part without a doubt is the 4D theatre which offers a sensory experience in the search of Coca-Cola’s secret formula. The World of Coca-Cola is open every day of the week on all 7 days so you can visit on the day you are free however timings do vary.

Zoo of Atlanta

One of the finest Atlanta attractions is the Atlanta Zoo where exploring the wildlife and the different species is a must. The diversity and beauty of the zoo are admirable to the point where it seems indescribable. The zoo consists of more than a thousand animals belonging to more than 200 species. The African Savanna present within the Zoo of Atlanta is called one of the wildest places in Atlanta. Home to old Elephants, it gives children the opportunity to learn and explore their characteristics and rarity.

The Boundless budgie exhibit would provide your child with an unforgettable experience seeing that only for 1$ you can feed food to the birds. You can also feed the giraffes but that would cost around $3. Some animals to explore within the zoo would be the Giant Pandas named Xi Lun and Ya  Lun. They are lowlands gorillas present as well along with Reptiles rare lizards, snakes, alligators and so much more. Lastly, you can take your kids to the Kids zone where there is a decent view of the kangaroos, the splash game, and a petting zoo.

Georgia Aquarium

Located in downtown Atlanta, Georgia Aquarium is a phenomenal place and a remarkable tourist spot with multiple reasons for you to visit. It is home to thousands of sea creatures with 500 different species from all over the world. The Georgia Aquarium is full of magic offering an experience unlike no other with the fun activities present there along with the different exotic sea animals. We have the dolphin and the sea lion shows which is a pack of entertainment, the dolphin’s antic are notably very exciting to watch.

One of the best possible activities present at the Georgia Aquarium is the Animal encounter game where you get closest to the blue wildlife. You board on a small boat and sail your way encountering the Beluga Whale and as well as the Whale Shark! Lastly, you can have a sleepover inside the exhibits of the Georgia Aquarium.

Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park

Your trip to Atlanta would be incomplete without checking out the Martin Luther King, Jr National Historical Park. This place is indeed a tribute to one of the most influential people not only in American history but all over the globe. The Buildings in the MLK National Park include his childhood house and the church where he was baptized. This was the same church called Ebenezer Baptist Church. You can go ahead and explore the neighborhood he was raised in. Going forward you will find the statues of his inspirations such as Mahatma Gandhi.

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