Why You Might be Experiencing Neck Pain and Possible Treatment

Why You Might be Experiencing Neck Pain and Possible Treatment

Consistent movement is a part of human life and every day different joints of our body are repeatedly involved in moving here and there. Just as this happens, the neck happens to be quite sensitive therefore Neck pain among individuals is a common complaint. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Chances are your neck problems are not of great danger unless you have undergone an accident.

Either way, taking precautions is absolutely necessary seeing that you want to go back to normal as soon as possible. After all, the human body was not made to work 8 to 9 hours per day in front of the computer screen on a non-supportive chair. This repetition over years may ruin your posture which would lead to discomfort in your neck. Often we hunch or lean on our work and computer chairs which adds to the worsening of our posture over time.

The pain can be very agitating seeing that it is connected to your vision and could even impact your brain and cause minor headaches however it is not very common that your neck problems are due to a serious condition.

How do I know that there is something with my Neck?

It is not easy to identify whether you feel discomfort in your neck or if it is something else that is bothering you. First of all, you need to search for possible symptoms such as when the pain or discomfort shoots in such as driving or at work. Try recognizing the activity where the pain worsens.

Test your range of motion because often within neck problems you might find it hard to move your area around then you usually can. Lastly, if you are experiencing headaches or just feel randomly fizzy then there’s a strong chance that you have neck pain. Let us discover what could be the causes behind your neck pain

Why You Might be Experiencing Pain

Your sleeping position is wrong

The most common reason for your neck discomfort is your sleeping position. To be fair all of us are comfortable in our ways and sleep in our preferred position, however, the way you sleep plays an important role as it ruins your posture. If you wake up to neck pain then it is considered the main reason why your last few days have been painful. Let us talk about pillows first as the wrong ones that give you a stiff neck. Experts suggest that latex and memory foam pillows might be the best for your neck. After changing your pillows you need to start working on your sleeping position.

First things first, do not attempt to sleep on your stomach at all as it will cause your neck to remain twisted to one side for hours therefore it will impact your neck greatly in negative ways. It ruins your spine alignment. The best sleeping position would be on your back with your face facing up the ceiling, this will help you maintain your spinal curves. Other than that sleeping on your sides is also a suitable position but it is preferred to use a slightly higher pillow to keep your head in the best possible shape

You need to improve your posture

Posture is perhaps the most important consideration here and is the cause for more than 70% of neck pain problems is without a doubt the most concerning element. Your sleeping position and posture are interrelated as well as when you are sleeping in the wrong positions, that is when your posture is in an unnatural settlement. Either way, you have to be careful regarding how to sit when you are at work, sleep or just lie on a sofa for instance. Your neck position needs to be appropriate so make sure there are no absurd bends or twisting which would further lead you to pain in the future.

You suffered an accident

It is very usual that a person may get caught up in an accident seeing that it is a part of life, however, if you are experiencing neck pain after undergoing an accident then you need to see a doctor as soon as possible. A heavy collision or an accident where you suffered around your head/neck are the ones that require immediate attention so if you are feeling aches near your neck afterward then it is preferred to seek medical care quickly. Your neck could possibly be at greater risk after accidents and in the worst-case scenario you might have suffered a whiplash injury. The most common symptoms of that would be consistent dizziness, neck stiffness, headaches, and shooting pain in your shoulders and traps in particular. For whiplash treatment, you will need to contact a chiropractor who will then provide you with muscle relaxing therapy.

You’re stressed or anxious

This can be considered one of the better symptoms because they are typically less serious than a posture problem or a whiplash in certain cases. Anxiety or just being stressed in particular is normal, as a matter of fact, it happens to everyone so neck pain due to such symptoms is extremely common. Often when you are stressed, muscle contraction occurs which happens to be an instinctive reaction by the body therefore we can consider it as a response from your body to what you are experiencing.

After your muscles contract and tense up, your neck and shoulders can come into effect which could cause minor pain at first. Although some people have tougher lives and are mentally very occupied so in these certain cases it is best to do some neck exercises such as basic stretching and releases

Herniated discs

Herniated discs can be considered as a spinal problem that is normally considered as a serious neck condition because the treatment process is not easy, requires a lot of patience, and provides no guarantee over whether you will fully heal or not of which in case you might have to opt for surgery. Any part of your spine can suffer a herniated disc. It can also cause mild to severe headaches. Seeing a doctor and a chiropractor is highly recommended

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