Why You Should Consider Buying Vintage Acrylic Desks


Why You Should Consider Buying Vintage Acrylic Desks

Upgrading your essential office equipment will make your work easier, faster, and more productive. One of such essential working equipment worthy of frequent upgrades is your desk.

There have been different materials used for making desks over the years but Lucite desks have managed to stay in a class of their own.

In addition to making your work easier, Lucite desks will also complement your home or office decorations. Since these desks aren’t exactly cheap, are vintage Lucite desks worth your money? This article will provide you with a comprehensive answer to this longstanding question.

Why Should You Buy Vintage Lucite Desks?

Since Lucite desks are almost transparent, they add some extra space to your office. Besides beautifying your home and office, there are other advantages to adding Lucite desks to your furniture collection. Here are some of the reasons to consider buying a vintage Lucite desk for your office.

Easily Customizable

You can customize acrylic desks easily to meet your taste or demands. Heating Lucite at a specific temperature will make it mouldable into shapes and structures to meet your required shape or form.

After cooling, experts can carry out final modifications. Most acrylic desk retailers provide after-the-fact customization services for customers if they want. Its versatile nature makes acrylic Lucite one of the most customizable and highest quality materials in the furniture industry.


The lightness of Lucite desks is a plus during transportation. Thanks to its mobility, rearranging or cleaning your furniture will be a breeze, as you can move them around quickly with little help. If you see yourself moving your furniture frequently, you’ll appreciate the lightness of Lucite desks.


Acrylic desks are more durable than glass or other similar non-acrylic alternatives. Desks made from quality Lucite materials are UV resistant, which means that acrylic doesn’t change color or fade when used in dry areas.

However, when shopping for Lucite desks, it’d be best to take your time to shop with trusted online or offline stores to reduce your risk of purchasing a substandard and painfully overpriced desk.

Better Alternative to Glass

Acrylic has most of the translucent properties of glass, so most buyers prefer it as an alternative to glass. Lucite is lighter and more durable than glass. While glass is prone to shattering,  you’ll rarely see a Lucite desk crack.

If you like the transparent properties of glass but hate everything else about it, vintage acrylic desks are for you. Since acrylic Lucite is a more expensive glass replacement, it’s no surprise that it’s a better alternative.

Suitable for Both Vintage and Modern Decors

Whether you prefer the sleek modern industrial look or the vintage mid-century look for your home or office, Lucite desks are always up to the task. Manufacturers are creating different designs of Lucite desks, some of which will have a place in your furniture aesthetic, regardless of your taste.

Aesthetic Excellence

Ever since people started shopping for glass furniture, it has been clear that they love translucent desks. Since acrylic Lucite is simply glass but better, it needs no convincing that it fits into most aesthetics.

While going completely vintage when styling your acrylic desk isn’t bad, pairing it with a modern design will make it more attractive.

Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning your vintage Lucite desks is an easy process. Unlike other materials like wood and glass that require extensive cleaning, you only need to clean Lucite surfaces with a clean microfiber cloth and soapy water. Do not use chemicals or glass cleaners while cleaning Lucite surfaces because they can damage the surface, making it look cloudy.

The process of damaging your Lucite desk after cleaning it with chemicals is known as “crazing”. In the case of scratches, consult your retailer for scratch removers to make your Lucite desks sparkling again.

For these reasons, you don’t need any convincing to consider acrylic Lucite during your next furniture purchase. However, not all Lucite furniture is created equal. The following section will discuss some of the factors you should consider before buying a clear acrylic desk to make the right choice.

What to Consider when Buying Vintage Lucite Desks

Since you already know some reasons why adding Lucite desks to your furniture collection will be a wise choice, it’s also essential to know how to buy the best vintage Lucite desks. Here are some of the factors to consider when buying an acrylic Lucite desk to avoid future regrets.

The Type of Lucite Desk

Before glancing through the Lucite desk collection in your favorite store, it’s essential to decide on the type and design of the desk you want. If you work with documents frequently, you may want to consider getting yourself a Lucite glass writing desk.

However, if you need a comfortable chair for your home office, a modern desk chair Lucite will be a more appropriate option. Defining your desk’s purpose beforehand will help you in choosing the absolute best desk design.

Your Office’s Design Language

It’s essential to take note of your existing styles and decorations before purchasing a new desk. This step is necessary to avoid buying furniture that doesn’t fit well into your home or office, both structurally and aesthetically.


It’s essential to buy from a credible manufacturer to ensure you’re purchasing a durable Lucite desk. As hinted earlier in this article, Lucite is generally a durable material, and unless you are buying a substandard Lucite desk, durability should be one of your last worries.


Acrylic desks are usually expensive, which is logical because the materials used in making them are high quality. Before hitting the market for a Lucite desk, be sure to have a reasonable budget. If you don’t have a large budget, consider shopping from stores that sell at fair prices.


These are some helpful tips that could help you make the right choices when next you’re in the market for any of the best acrylic Lucite desks. With the advent of online stores like Clear Home Design, you don’t even need to be physically present to shop for Lucite desks.

As long as you know exactly what you want, you can purchase from the Lucite desk page and have it shipped to your location from the comfort of your home or office. This process adds “buying convenience” to the already long list of the advantages of Lucite desks.

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