Why You Should Place A Fence For Your Backyard Garden

Perhaps, you’re on the fence (no pun intended) about installing a fence for your backyard garden. It might seem like an unnecessary investment at first, but placing a sturdy fence along your backyard’s perimeter can promote numerous benefits. Some of these advantages include:

Protection Against Wild Animals

Your property might be near a forest or natural wildlife habitat. If so, wild creatures might come out of their homes in search of food.

These wild animals might have caught a whiff of the barbecued meat you’re grilling over a hot stove during a relaxing Sunday afternoon. Now, these creatures may stop at nothing to grab a bite out of that tasty meat you’re cooking.

Protect your home from wild animals, like deer, bears, and skunks, by installing a fence in your backyard. A tall fence with a height of about seven feet should suffice and prevent entering skunks under the house. But, some properties may find a six-foot fence sufficient enough to deter wild animals from entering the yard.

Learn about the wild animals in your neighborhood in order for you to build a fence with an appropriate height. For example, if your location has rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, and other small animals, fences that are about three feet in height should be relatively sufficient to prevent entry of these critters.

Increased Property Value

A backyard fence can help increase your home’s price, which is a great thing if you’re planning to sell the property soon. Homeowners value privacy and security, and installing sturdy fencing around the perimeter, particularly near your backyard, will help increase your property’s curb value.

Also, consider the material to be used in the creation of the fences. Different fencing materials provide different pros and cons.

Some of these components include:

Wood: This material has a natural appearance, but it may rot because of the different weather conditions.

Vinyl: A reliable product that can last over ten years, vinyl can adapt to various architectural styles. However, the color selection is few at best, as many suppliers will only provide white and tan variations.

Aluminum: An aluminum fence is sturdy and long-lasting. Furthermore, it doesn’t rust in comparison with other metal materials, like iron. However, this type of fencing tends to be a more expensive option than other selections.

Bamboo: An easy-to-install and eco-friendly choice, bamboo fences are ideal for decorative screens. Like wood, bamboo can rot, and homeowners need to do maintenance on this fencing type more than others.

Consider your budget and the proposed increase in property prices when choosing the right fencing material for your backyard garden. You can also ask the help of a professional home appraisal services to assist you in this regard.

Security From Thieves

Thieves, burglars, and other individuals with malicious intent may attempt to enter your property. If there’s nothing that stands in the way between your backyard and your home, then, these people can steal or put harm to your valuables.

Thankfully,  a sturdy fencing structure in your backyard can help deter these miscreants and secure your belongings from being damaged or stolen. Tall fences are ideal in this regard as fencing with a relatively towering height of approximately eight feet can limit a burglar’s efforts in entering your property.

The challenge for these thieves becomes more significant if the fencing you choose has smooth surfaces. For example, concrete fences don’t have potential footholds, which would otherwise make your home more accessible to these troublemakers.

Enhanced Privacy

Don’t want prying eyes sneaking a peek as you sunbathe in your backyard?  Are you tired of nosy neighbors checking up on you every five minutes to see what you’re doing in your lawn?  If so, then, consider installing a fence in your backyard garden.

Fences can provide the right privacy levels to your home so that you can have gatherings with family and friends in seclusion. Thus, you can party without disturbing the neighbors or without the neighbors bothering you.

Also, the right fencing can keep your kids in your backyard safe while they play. This enhanced security also prevents unwanted strangers from entering your lawn, reducing their chances of kidnapping your children.

Another example is if you have a pool in your backyard. A fence can deter pool crashers from entering your property suddenly.


Consider adding a fence in your backyard garden for your next landscaping renovation project. With the right fencing and trusted installation company for your fence like illinoisfencecompany.com/, you can enjoy benefits, like increased curb value, protection from wild animals, security from thieves, and enhanced privacy for your family and friends. Take note that different fencing materials provide various advantages and disadvantages. Talk to a reliable provider to see which type of fence is the best choice for your property.

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