Why You Should Renovate Your Bathroom & Eight Ways To Do It

Thinking it’s time to renovate your bathroom? It’s one of the bigger projects you can pick but there are many advantages to updating your bathroom. It’s also one of the most expensive, the most time-consuming and sometimes, it can feel like a job you should never have started. Let’s be real, though, renovation is nothing short of fun. Choosing new colours, new flooring and lighting is a big decision but it’s one that can transform a house that you’ve bought into a home that can make you feel comfortable and cosy.

Choosing the accessories – from the furniture to the fixings – can be expensive but mainly because you’ve got expensive tastes! You can renovate the lounge over and over. You can redo the kitchen to suit your tastes and to upgrade to the modern looks you can buy of the year. The one place you could stand to renovate over all the rooms in the house is the bathroom and there are plenty of reasons to get into it.

More Value

Firstly, when you renovate your bathroom you give your home greater value. A home with an entirely new plumbing and sewerage system is a home that is very attractive to buyers. Sure, you may spend a few thousand to get it up to scratch, but you should think of this renovation like the investment that it is. Putting money into a property you plan to sell isn’t a waste, and when you are using companies like Maplewood Plumbing & Sewer, LLC, you are going to spend your money wisely.

A tidy bathroom that is functional and modern, with new vanity units and repaired faucets, sells far better than an outdated space that people will want to change later on regardless. If you plan to renovate your bathroom by adding a second one, you’re going to add to the value massively.

More Functional

Secondly, the renovation that you choose for your bathroom may cost you financially at first, but the update that you’ve given the technology in the bathroom and the functionality in the bathroom is going to earn you money in energy savings. It’s all about being green in this current world we live in; we constantly strive to make changes that are good for the environment, and you can do this in your bathroom.

Over time, the money that you save in energy costs will balance out your renovation spends. The modern shower fixtures available now, plus water pressure improvements, take less energy saving money on utilities.

More Luxury

Lastly, a fantastic reason for any renovation is the luxury element. There is not one person who doesn’t love a dollop of luxury in their life. So, if you find luxury in heated towel rails and a newly installed shower with multiple nozzles and fantastic water pressure, then do it. Small touches go far in a bathroom. Pay attention to these details: light fixtures, the flooring, the vanity, and of course accessories such as set of luxury towel.

Freestanding, claw-footed tubs in the middle of the bathroom with jacuzzi settings and whirlpool capabilities isn’t just luxury, though. It’s an investment. You want to add value and save on energy, right? Well, if you can do it with luxury then go for it.


When it comes down to it, there are nothing but good reasons to go ahead with your renovation. The only real snag is whether you have the money to afford to do it right now. Not everyone has access to an immediate $25,000 surplus to pick from and so, they give up before they’ve even started. Here’s a little secret: you do not need bags of cash to do a renovation in your home. Yes, it’s a big job, and yes, over time it’s going to take a lot of your cash and it will cause a little disruption, but you can renovate and redesign your bathroom on a budget quite easily. A luxury upgrade can cost thousands of dollars, particularly if you leave the whole thing in the hands of the experts.

However, you can do it for yourself for a lot less than the $25,000 surplus that I mentioned earlier. You should also remember going in that the money that you spend will add value to the house, so you really should look at it like a savings account. You pour the money in, to sell the house and take it back out again. Look at your budget, then steam ahead piece by piece if it costs too much to do all at once.

Here are eight ways you can save money on your bathroom redesign:


It can be so tempting to go a little nuts with bathroom tiles. There’s nothing that gives a bathroom a cleaner look than floor to ceiling tiles: in the shower, on the floor, on the walls – you name it, tile it. To save yourself some cash, limit your tile purchases to one or two areas. You could tile the inside of the shower or the floor, but not both. Choose a low price set of tiles. But then, mix in some expensive tiles for accents. A little can long way to make it feel special. Make sure that you get your pipework and shower/bath installation done first, though!

Counter It.

Granite in a light grey, beige or white is so popular in kitchens but it’s also a popular choice for bathrooms. There’s nothing prettier than a new vanity unit, so consider that, too. Choose to go a little different and opt for the trend of upcycling an old dresser into a sink pedestal in your bathroom. Not only does it give the house a chic look, you can do it yourself and save money. Bring in plumbers to help you fit the sink and link everything to the house plumbing, but with the right tools you can fit the dresser yourself.

A Lick Of Paint.

How many times have you seen blue and green bathrooms online? If you want to be truly different – and cheap – with your bathroom but maintain a luxury look, think about painting everything white. Mold and mildew do develop very quickly in a bathroom, so make sure you make a little investment with your paint for a satin tub. You can even buy bathroom paints that resist mildew, so consider that when you’re making your purchase.

The Little Details.

You’d not believe how often people redo their bathrooms but leave on old door handles and faucets. These being changed may feel like a minor alteration given the scale of the job that you are working on, but really, it’s the biggest thing that you can do in such a small room. It’s not just these, either, not when there are towel racks and light fixtures to update as well.

Caulk Up.

Freshening up the caulk or grout can change how tiles that are already there look. Grimy grout is not the way to show off a new house, and it’s a cheap upgrade as caulk is inexpensive to buy from the hardware stores. Half a day and a few dollars and you’ve got a brightened up bathroom without much effort.

Refinish Fixtures.

If you have old, Victorian fixtures in your bathroom that you don’t really want to change, you could always get them refinished. Don’t go to the professionals, though, as this is another thing that you can do yourself and won’t cost you the earth to do it. If they’re made of porcelain, cast iron or even fibreglass, you can refinish the fixtures and make them look stunning – especially as a basic kit is relatively cheap!


Head to eBay to find toilets and showers that have been previously loved and are up for sale. It’s nice to get a new bathroom fitted, but if you can find used things that aren’t damaged, upcycle and save yourself some money. It’s not just sinks and toilets; funky bathroom mirrors make for an awesome talking point and look beautiful in ornate frames.


Not the colour but going green in your bathroom – as mentioned earlier – saves you money over the long-term. Slow flow toilets and shower heads can help your water consumption and save you money on your utility bills. Turn things in the home like tins and jars into clever storage systems for toothbrushes and makeup. Use recycle wood as shelves. There is so much you can do to go green when you renovate your bathroom and if you can do it, you should.

Saving money to make money is probably the best thing that you can do for your home and your wallet. Not only are you going to get to live in a space beautifully renovated, you’re going to be able to spend less on your utilities with all the environmentally sound changes that you’ve made. If you still wonder whether it’s a good decision, get your home valued again, and we bet you’ll be smiling ear to ear about the increase in value!

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