Why Your Dog Probably Misses You When You Leave

Why Your Dog Probably Misses You When You Leave

They say that a dog is a man’s best friend. How do you know that? If you have a dog, you will notice their eyes light up, and they run from one spot to another after you come back home.

As per hundreds (or thousands) of greeting videos, one can make out that dogs welcome their pet parent with such enthusiasm. It’s like seeing their parent after ages! Even a human being can’t greet you with such love as a dog does.

Recently, dog videos became extremely popular. We could see how dogs express their joy after their soldier parent returned home. Dogs cry, laugh, faint, and even jump from one spot to another in a speedy motion.

Now, the question is – Do dogs miss people? According to the viral videos, there is a 100% chance that dogs miss their pet parent once they are gone. Here’s an article that sheds light on this subject. We will tell you more about why your dog probably misses you when you leave.

Do Dogs Miss Their Pet Parents?

When you are about to leave your home, your dog wags his/her tail and expresses his urge to go out with you. You can’t take them everywhere, but the sadness on their face is quite evident.

But, this behavior could mean two things. Do they want to head out and play? Are they going to miss you?

The good news is dogs miss us. A part of our brain and heart wishes that our dogs should miss us. A dog lay still in MRI as per a study, and it showed that the dog’s caudate nucleus lit up.

Another study showed that dogs miss their humans and wait for them. If you do not believe these studies, check out Hachiko’s story. Hachiko is not a figment of imagination – it is a true story of a dog who lived in Tokyo. His pet parent died, but Hachiko continued to wait outside the station for nine years.

While the movie was heartbreaking, the thought of a dog waiting for his pet parent for nine years gave us goosebumps.

YES, dogs miss their pet parents. However, dogs are not aware of how long their parent has been gone. They are unaware of the length of time.

Why Does Your Dog Miss You?

Dogs are very loyal to their parents. When a dog enters a family, they grow up in a surrounding and get familiar with it. After they turn 1.5-2-year, they do not run away from their home. Dogs are aware that it is their family, and they like to stay with their parents till the end of time.

Your dog loves you, and they miss you a lot while you are gone. Did you know that puppies/dogs have unforgettable memories? They remember happy times and want to play with you again. Please remember that dogs may not have long-term memories, but they remember specific events.

If you are away from him/her, they might dream about the good times they had with you.

In case the dog has had an abusive past, they will not remember their previous master. But, if the dog has had good memories with someone, they will long to go back to the same home.

Does a dog remember people?

Dogs are brilliant – they remember all the dangerous spots, places, and people.

Dogs are aware of what they should not be doing. If you have adopted a pet with a dangerous and abusive past, make sure you give him time to get used to the loving and safe environment.

In case you are thinking of keeping a dog, make sure you give them lots of love and care. Dogs do not need fancy cars and material belongings. Give them love, food, clean water, and shelter. That’s all they need from you!


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