Wonderful Retreat Ideas That Are Perfect For Christian Families and Organizations

Wonderful Retreat Ideas That Are Perfect For Christian Families and Organizations

Christian retreats are rich and varied, ranging from spiritual renewal to outdoor adventure. Whatever activity you engage in, you will find yourself and your family reenergized from the experience of it all. They offer a place where Christians of all ages come together in peace and connect with God. Additionally, they offer hope to those who are becoming distant from Christianity and help them reconnect with their faith by being around friends, family, and religion.

There are many ideas on how to enliven those meetings and keep them more interesting. Many tend to visit Christian retreats with families, so including activities for all the family which will fasten the family bond would be great. It can be all things including prayers, walks, or even games. For instance, children’s ministry programs are a great way if you want to make the meetings engaging for your children as well.

You can include various activities; even those that seem obvious can be used in new ways you might not have considered previously.


This is usual at many retreats, but one option you can try which is especially beneficial for families to bond is to go on a prayer walk. This activity allows you to see the true wonders of the Lord’s work and discuss all of the things we are thankful for. Essentially, It is a short walk, typically outdoors, during which a group of people prays for a particular intention or person. The groups may be small or large, with or without a leader, and may have pre-established prayers agreed upon at the start of the walk, or they could be free to pray when inspiration occurs. The folks from this Indiana Christian camp explained that whatever the method or purpose of prayer, the idea is to connect with nature to allow people to bond together and bond personally with the world we have been given. The entire country has incredible beauty to admire.

Drama And Acting

Christian drama is an essential part of any Christian’s life. Drama helps us express our emotions and faith and identify with the characters and their problems. It helps us to learn valuable lessons and to understand ourselves better. It helps us to think about who God is and what He has done for us.

There are so numerous tales in the Bible that are worthy of reenactment, and a play could be the perfect way to reconnect with the ideas behind the words. This pursuit is a fabulous idea if you are a family as it allows your children to appreciate the scriptures and be a confidence-boosting exercise. You could arrange the plays in advance, or attendees could choose which section of the Bible to act when at the retreat together. Whichever way you go about it, drama is an excellent idea to help people interpret the texts and see into the past.

Team-Building Exercises

A team-building exercise can be described as any activity that helps build trust and camaraderie among coworkers. While it may not sound like a specific Christian activity, team-building exercises are an excellent technique to help like-minded people understand the importance of working together and forming relationships. One of the most famous exercises is the time-honored scavenger hunt. Children and adults alike will enjoy this activity as it involves getting outdoors into nature and using critical thinking to find all of the objects within a predetermined time successfully.

While there are many activities to choose from at a Christian retreat, the most important thing is to enjoy the time with your family. Using our minds and the nature we have been blessed with, you will gain a newfound appreciation for Christian teachings.

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