Your 10-point Checklist to Choose an Efficient Plumber: No.8 Will Surprise You!

Your 10-point Checklist to Choose an Efficient Plumber

Hiring an efficient plumber can be tricky if you are not aware of what to look for in a plumber. You want to choose a plumber who precisely diagnoses your plumbing problems, fixes them correctly, and most importantly, charges you a fair price. Go through the below tips to know how you can spot a reliable plumber.

Table of Contents

  • Certification and Licence of a Plumber
  • Experience in Plumbing
  • Get a Price Estimate
  • Don’t Make 100% Payment Upfront
  • Check if a Plumber Has Right Equipment
  • Warranty of Your Work
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Cleanup of Your Place
  • Try Hiring a Local Plumber
  • References are Important
  • Final Words

1. Certification and Licence of a Plumber

Your plumber search should start with the most basic consideration – checking the certification of the plumbers you contact. Proper license and certifications make sure that a plumber is registered with a governing body that makes rules for plumbers. Often homeowners make the mistake of assuming that every plumber is licensed, while some plumbers might work without one. So, ask a plumber to show you his certification and make sure it’s still active.

2. Experience in Plumbing

You do not want to hire a plumber who has just installed his first tap last week. Experience is a vital factor to consider while you are surfing through plumber options. Shortlist the ones that have been in the business for at least 5 years. That way, you can ensure that the final plumber you choose knows the ins and outs of plumbing and will do quality work.

An inexperienced plumber may have trouble even recognizing your issue and, even if he does, may not pull off your plumbing job accurately.

3. Get a Price Estimate

Most professional plumbers provide free estimates to their clients, meaning they would come to your house, assess your plumbing issue and give you an estimated price quote. If a plumber gives you a price quote over the phone without even examining your repair, he is not worth considering.

Remember that often estimates only include the basic material costs, meaning the total cost will be much higher. So clarify with your plumber if the estimate includes labor, spare parts, and a contingency for any other issues.

4. Don’t Make 100% Payment Upfront

If a plumber asks for the entire payment upfront, you should not fall for such traps. Always hire a plumber whom you would pay in installments. Some plumbers in Melbourne use a pay-as-you-go system, in which you pay a percentage of the total price after certain parts of your job is complete, while some others demand a weekly payment. If you have a minor plumbing job, your plumber may settle for payment once the job is done.

5. Check if a Plumber Has Right Equipment

You should not hire a plumber that does not have all the necessary plumbing tools and equipment. Complex tasks such as finding clogs in your drain line or repairing the sewer line under your yard demand advanced tools; your plumber should possess all such tools to effectively execute your job. You don’t want to invest in another plumber because the first plumber you hired messed up your place due to a lack of proper plumbing equipment.

6. Warranty of Your Work

Plumbing installations and repairs should always be backed with a guarantee. Most plumbers provide free repair or replacement service for any issues directly linked to the initial issue for a minimum of 30 days after the initial service. If a plumber does not provide a warranty, he should give you a reasonable explanation to justify that. However, for basic fixes, you might not expect a warranty or an explanation as to why he cannot back his job with a warranty.

7. Insurance Coverage

Often homeowners miss checking a crucial thing when hiring a plumber, that is, whether the plumber is adequately insured or not. If the plumber you hire gets injured while working at your place, you might have to compensate for the damage if your plumber does not have proper insurance coverage. Depending on the intensity of the injury, the compensation may even surpass the cost of your plumbing job.

Approximately 340 million occupational accidents occur each year across the world. So, always check the certificate of insurance of your plumber and ensure it’s still active. The insurer would pay in case of any workplace injury, and you would be free of any liabilities.

8. Cleanup of Your Place

It might surprise you that many plumbers do not clean up the mess once your plumbing job is complete. You would be left with empty boxes, old parts, spilled water – a total mess. So when you hire a plumber, make sure cleanup is included in the quote. If it’s not, it’s not worth hiring that plumber. Some plumbers, however, may charge you extra for cleanup, and it’s better to compensate for the cleanup than to do it yourself.

9. Hire a Local Plumber

A plumber might be exceptional in his job, but if he is situated some 100 miles away from your home, you might want to look for different options in your vicinity. Hiring a local plumber is better as that way you can ensure your plumber would reach your place in no time in emergency situations.

Suppose your kitchen pipe starts leaking out of nowhere; in such a case, you want your plumber to reach you at once. Hiring a faraway plumber will only turn your place into a mess till the time he reaches.

10. References are Important

Make sure you ask for references before sealing a deal with a plumber. A professional plumber, an expert in his job, would never hide his reviews and provide you with every possible information about his experience.

Once you have the contact details of the references, give them a call and clarify all your questions about the plumber. Most people would be happy to tell you whether they had a good experience working with the plumber or there were any problems. If you don’t get enough positive reviews, shop around for other options.

Final Words

The above checklist will help you spot one of the best plumbers in your area who would put an end to all your plumbing issues effectively and within your budget.


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