Your Complete Guide To Artificial Grass And Lawns

You might want to take a second look when you gaze at lawns and turfs as they tend to look very realistic these days. Property and homeowners are checking out new and exciting options when choosing artificial grass as an alternative to real and natural lawns.

What Is It With Artificial Lawns?

Artificial turf and lawns are made with synthetic fibers to create or mimic a natural lawn’s sensation and appearance. These products look tremendously real, and you can purchase them in all sorts of sizes, quantities, and shapes.

Many industries apply artificial turfs and lawns, such as sports industries, landscaping businesses, airports, and so much more.

Are They Eco-Friendly?

Synthetic grass and lawns came out sometime during the sixties and have since come a very long way. Today, they receive a lot of attention as more and more people are opting for artificial grass, although some still prefer the natural one.

Artificial grass is highly eco-friendly. The lawns and turfs are created using rubber granules, and they are taken from recycled tire wastes, and fibers that make up the lawns and turfs can deteriorate and can be easily washed into the environment without having any other effects.

If you are quite the nature-loving individual and are thinking about saving water, then synthetic grass could be for you. Many places are running low on water, and it is because of this that people are replacing their real lawns with fake ones since real ones demand tons of water, and these substitutes cost less to maintain and give owners the feel they want regardless of the season.

Do They Cost A Lot?

Artificial grass and lawns cost depending on the business that offers the products. While the average cost to install fake turf in a yard is ten to twelve dollars per square foot, some other factors come in when talking about prices.

Ordering online is not as hard as it looks, and you can navigate across many sites that offer synthetic grass. And if you happen to be in the Manchester area you might want to install artificial grass.

What Are The Advantages Of Artificial Grass?

Deciding to have a go with artificial grass comes with many advantages, and we have narrowed them down for you.

  • No need for fertilizers – this means that the chances of toxic chemicals and waste that seep into groundwater drops to zero.
  • No need for mowing – You do not have to spend any amount of energy to mow the lawn at all.
  • No watering – This could be the most significant benefit when you choose artificial grass. Droughts can happen any time, and when they do come, you don’t need to worry about your fake lawn drying up.
  • Aesthetics – You have an infinite array of choices when it comes to colors, heights, styles, and designs that you want for your desired lawn.

How About The Disadvantages?

Many positive things come with artificial lawns, but like many other products and general things out there, they come with negative traits as well.

  • Dust and leaves – Artificial grass turfs can gather leaves and collect a high amount of dust, and sometimes it is hard to manage them all.
  • Odor – Many individuals share that artificial lawns emit a rubbery, plastic, and unpleasant odor. The same thing gets worse, especially during hot and dry days.

Taking Care Of An Artificial Lawn

It is relatively easy to manage and take care of your artificial lawn. You can quickly do some periodic cleaning, and there you have it. Cleaning is also a challenge if you have young children or pets in your care as they could mess with the lawn now and then.

A good sweeping with a broom is good enough to clean artificial grass, or you can also use a flexible garden rake, a blower, or hose it down once in a while.

You also do not have to stress yourself out about stains getting on your faux grass as it is stain resistant. But if in case this happens, you can easily clean it with soap and running water.

One Final Thought

Investing in artificial grass could save you a lot of money and time. Maintaining it is also a walk in the park, unlike its natural counterpart. Yet, there is no harm with having natural grass lawns and turfs, but if you wish to be practical, having a synthetic one could be better for you. Not only will you have a splendid and long-term investment, but you will also get to help out the environment tremendously.

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