Your Helpful Guide When Considering Material For Your Residential Garage Door

A Garage door takes up a large quantity of visible space and adds significant curb appeal to your home. Therefore, it is essential to choose a door that is resembling your style, and that is operating smoothly.

Garage doors are available in a selection of styles and materials to choose from. When selecting a material, you must consider future maintenance and your available warranty options.

Common Garage Door Materials


Wooden doors provide a certain charm and authenticity that you don’t get from other material types. It can be made locally in whichever size you prefer, and they can withstand bumps from basketballs. The only downside is that they will require regular repainting and refinishing, mainly when you stay in an area with a damp climate. Wooden doors can range from mid pricing to very expensive. It all depends on whether they have a lightweight wooden frame that is filled with foam insulation and wrapped in a plywood or hardboard skin (cheaper option). The true frame-and-panel doors are made from durable redwood, cedar and mahogany and are more expensive. Wooden doors have a short warranty (About one year).

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If you are not looking to do a lot of maintenance, then a metal option is better than wood. Steel is relatively inexpensive and very tough. The downside is that steel can bend and any scratches need to be touched up as bare steel rusts. You can minimize the risk by opting for sturdy 24- or 25-gauge panels as opposed to 27- or 28-gauge. The higher the gauge number, the slender the metal.

Another option is choosing a steel door with a fiberglass overlay which can resist rust and dents. Just keep in mind that regular restaining and repainting will have to be done, as the colour fades with time.

High-quality steel doors can have lifetime warranties on the hardware, laminations between insulation and steel and factory-applied paint. Cheaper doors tend to have shorter warranties on components such as springs and paint.


People used to install inexpensive aluminium doors commonly but in recent years have largely replaced them with sturdier versions which include dent-resistant panels and heavy-duty extruded frames. These doors are the perfect choice when your budget allows it, as they are rugged and rust-proof.

The less expensive aluminium doors have panels that are made from other materials such as high-density polyethene with aluminium frames only. When you have an extra wide door, lightweight aluminium is an excellent choice as it won’t put as much tension on the operating mechanism.


There is an array of different styles and materials to choose from when you are looking for residential garage doors.

It would be highly favorable for you to get in touch with an experienced and trustworthy garage door Supplier that will take the necessary steps to supply you with the garage door that you’ve always wanted.

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